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Kansas City Accident Injury Attorneys

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Over the years we've had the opportunity to help hundreds of clients get fair compensation for their auto accident, personal injury, worker's compensation, and medical malpractice claims. Each year we are humbled by the number of satisfied clients who go out of their way to share their experience.

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  • "James always kept me up-to-date on my case, that’s one reason why I liked working with him so much."

    (James handled) my Medicaid lien. He actually got that reduced by a thousand dollars so that was an extra thousand dollars in my pocket. The anticipation was kind of hard but in the end, it was very easy and what made it so easy was constant communication keeping me updated.

    Jasmine M.
  • "He battled it out for me."

    I had a horrible shoulder dislocation injury. I found Kansas City Accident Injury Attorneys on Google and in the phone book. I called several places but it was just the demeanor and the manner that Victor spoke with me and the quickness that he responded back (that made me hire him). The first meeting was good. Vic came out closer to where I live, since I was injured, and met me and went over everything really thorough(ly) with me. I was pretty impressed. I didn’t try working with the insurance company before hiring an attorney. I knew the injury was so severe and after I left the emergency room, they didn’t want to take care of me at work. They basically didn’t even send me to the doctor, I had to take myself. So I knew it was something I was going to need assistance (with). Vic kept me well informed. He answered any questions that I had, returned my calls in a timely manner. He would always return my phone calls within a day. If not, Diane would get back to me and let me know (that he was in court) and he’d call me from his cell phone before he even got back to the office. He took care of me really well and made sure they took care of everything that needed to be done. I think Vic cared about me. He made sure I went to another doctor after I had seen the work comp doctor to make sure that I was being treated fairly and was given the right rating. I really appreciate him doing that. I think Vic is knowledgeable. He seemed to know his stuff. He knew all the different bones and body parts. I didn’t really expect that from an attorney but Vic does a lot of research and takes care of you. I liked the way he handled negotiations. He battled it out for me. (The insurance company was) really, really trying to low ball me. He got me more than double of what they were trying to give. He did take me out of the room and discuss things with me and then take me back into the room with the other attorneys and the mediator. That way we could have our private conversation and not have to have everything out in the open which I thought was really good. I had a previous injury to that shoulder in the past and they were really trying to stick that to me but Vic battled it out with them and said, “Look he’s never had to have surgery before.” I was really pleased. I did have some issues with the payment not showing up at my place anymore. Victor set it up so the payment would come to the office so when it came, it came on time and I could come down here and pick it up. It was great. I think KCAIA is one of the better attorney law firms especially (since I had) Victor as my attorney.I believe he did get the best possible results. I’m 100% satisfied. I think that this firm and Vic did everything they could to make sure I was taken care of the way that I needed to be. I’d recommend Kansas City Accident Injury Attorneys, their staff and Victor to anyone out there who has been injured and doesn’t feel they are being treated right. I think that anytime you have to have a surgery because of a work injury, you absolutely need to have an attorney on your side and Vic would be my go to guy.

    Shane A.
  • "It's beyond satisfaction. It's perfection."

    He made sure my health was good. He made sure my financial situation was taken care of. I just couldn’t be any more satisfied. He saved everything that I was on the verge of losing and now I can get back to a normal life. It’s beyond satisfaction. It’s perfection. --Ronnie L. Missouri Auto Accident

    Ronnie L.
  • "I’m very satisfied with my results. I already have recommended this firm to others. I trust them completely."

    Kansas City Accident Injury Attorneys was the first (law firm) I called. James Roswold seemed to know what he was doing. He explained it all and let me know it was going to take a while and to sit back and he’d do everything he said.

    Troy G. - Missouri Auto Accident
  • "I think Vic is a very talented lawyer. He is a go-getter. He’s for the common worker. He’ll fight for your rights."

    Vic would always give me updates, whether it was by telephone or email, so I was constantly in the loop with him. It was so very easy-going for me because basically, in a sense, Vic made me feel comfortable enough to just sit back, relax and let him take the lead and go with it as far as he could go.

    Darrel C. - Kansas Workers' Compensation
  • "I didn’t have to do too much of anything. They did all the work for me."

    I think James is legally talented. That’s what made me call. I think he’s been a lawyer for so long so I think he knows what he’s doing. He was aggressive enough for me. (I could tell James worked hard for me) by making the offer more than it was and more than they were trying to give me. Not too many people with cases like mine would get the amount we settled for.

    Chrishay U. - Missouri Personal Injury
  • "James was excellent. On a scale from one to ten, I’d rate this firm a 10. I’ve recommended this firm to a friend of mine and will continue to do that."

    It seemed like the firm was very concerned, concerned about me, concerned about helping one another and my wife. James took care of everything that I asked, everything that I suggested. Everything that came across the table, we agreed on it in writing. If I was concerned I would call, and we’d work together.  I’m very appreciative of that.

    John L. - Missouri Personal Injury
  • "I know James will fight hard for justice and for what’s at hand."

     James is a free spirit. He is very nice, very knowledgeable and very energetic.  I can tell that he’s really serious about his job. You can tell that it’s not just a job, it’s personal to him. He was very knowledgeable. Legally, he knows a lot. He basically told me from the beginning to the end how the deposition was going to go.

    Kimberly H. - Missouri Personal Injury
  • "I didn’t really expect that from an attorney but Vic does a lot of research and takes care of you."

    I think Vic is knowledgeable. He seemed to know his stuff. He knew all the different bones and body parts. I didn’t really expect that from an attorney but Vic does a lot of research and takes care of you.

    Shane A. - Missouri Workers' Compensation
  • "It felt good to have someone who was fighting for my niece and fighting for her family."

    It felt good to have someone who was fighting for my niece and fighting for her family. James was very good in trial. By the time he had put on all of the witnesses, I believe everyone in that courtroom really understood the losses that we had suffered. 

    Valles B. - Missouri Wrongful Death

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