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Kansas City Accident Injury Attorneys

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Over the years we’ve had the opportunity to help hundreds of clients get fair compensation for their auto accident, personal injury, worker’s compensation, and medical malpractice claims. Each year we are humbled by the number of satisfied clients who go out of their way to share their experience.

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  • "He wasn't just in it for the money. He really wanted to help us."

    Former client Jim G. describes what it was like to work with the experienced personal injury lawyers at Kansas City Accident Injury Attorneys. If you've been injured in an auto accident or injured on the job, we may be able to help. Call today for your free consultation. 

  • "I trusted him 100%, I really did."

    Past client Anita R. shares her experience working with the experienced personal lawyers at Kansas City Accident Injury Attorneys. We handle personal injury, injuries on the job, and medical malpractice claims. Call today for your free consultation. 

  • "He took care of me very well."

    Satisfied client Alan W. shares his experience working with the experienced personal injury attorneys at Kansas City Accident Injury Attorneys. 

    Alan W.
  • "James comes to work to fight for you and me."

    Satisfied client Bob S. describes his experience working with James Roswold at Kansas City Accident Injury Attorneys. Our attorneys handle personal injury, work comp, and medical malpractice claims. We may be able to help you. Call for your FREE consultation.

    Bob S.
  • "I found James. He was very caring, very professional."

    Laura R. explains the difficulty she had finding the right lawyer. Then she met Attorney James Roswold.   

  • "Vic was very aggressive in the court room."

    I heard about Kansas City Accident Injury Attorneys through a friend at work. He was going through the same injury that I had at work and I asked him for some information about his accident and he referred me to Vic. My first meeting was very pleasant, very quick and efficient. Vic let me know that he could get the job done for me. Vic was very pleasant to work with. He answered all my questions if I had any and he was very proficient in his work. He is prepared and timely. Vic seemed talented, he knew all of his rules and amendments to work comp and he informed me very well of what was going to happen. Vic was very aggressive in the court room. Both times we had court, he did a very good job. I am very comfortable recommending Vic Finkelstein to other clients, he gets the job done. The process here at Kansas City Accident Attorneys was very simple. I came in and talked to Vic within 8 months to a year I had a settlement and was happy with it.

    Cindy K.
  • "We would recommend both of them to others."

    David and James communicated a lot and worked hand in hand. They told us what they needed from us and we didn’t really have to do much. They dealt with the hospital bills and the insurance company. They seemed to really work together great. We would recommend both of them to others. --Crystal & Mike L. Missouri Auto Accident

    Crystal & Mike L.
  • "They are very warm and gentle to the people that have been hurt."

    I heard about Kansas City Accident and Injury Attorneys through some very good friends. (After the injury) I went through a workman’s comp doctor and finally realized I’d be having some trouble and that’s when my friends recommended the firm. My first meeting with Victor Finkelstein was like I knew him forever. It was like I was not a stranger the day I walked in. They just treated me with open arms. He was just very, very warm and understanding and really listened to what I had to say. I really liked that. He handled my worker’s compensation case for me. I love the staff here. Diane is wonderful. I love Diane. She’s very responsive. She was a sweetie.  There were a couple of times I would call and cry and she would say “You could call here crying anytime, that’s what we’re here for.” People should know that this firm is open and honest. They are very warm and gentle to the people that have been hurt and very understanding of what they’ve been going through.  Vic is very happy, very understanding and will listen to everything you have to say. And when he talks to you, he explains to you where you understand it. Vic is just fantastic. I just can’t say enough about him. He’s great. Vic was very, very aggressive. I think the firm is very fortunate to have him. After a couple of my surgeries, I had a few (work) restrictions and I did try to go back to work. My job said no and they asked me to quit. I said, “no, I’m not quitting,” and so they fired me. I called Diane up and I was crying and she recommended another attorney for a discrimination suit which I won. So it’s been a long road. One time, my job denied me (the chance) to go back to the doctor. We went to court over that and the judge ruled for me to go back. Vic would not hear no for me for any kind of treatment which was really happy about because I had four or five surgeries. He was very knowledgeable. I wondered if he was a doctor at one point! Every time I would call, Vic would call me back. There were a couple of times that he would call me back on a Saturday and I thought, “Wow! That’s unusual, for an attorney to call on a Saturday!” That really impressed me. I think he went way beyond working hard. He did great. I’m very satisfied with my results. I would recommend Vic. There would be nobody else I would recommend. I think when he works for you, he’s out there giving his all, more than 100%. I definitely trust this firm.

    JoAnn M.
  • "James kept us up to date and I feel that he cared."

    My first meeting was a good meeting. James, he’s a good attorney he’s honest and straight-forward with you. The process was easy because I had never done this before and they explained it. James explained everything beforehand…when you call him on the phone or come into a meeting, he’ll explain (the process) to you so you understand what’s going on. James kept us up-to-date and I feel that he cared. He has good abilities for the job that he does. He is a good lawyer. I feel like James was honest because the first thing he’d always do on the phone is explain and I think that’s good honesty. I believe James worked hard. James is a nice person and I enjoyed working with him. If I needed to call James again or call Kansas City Accident Injury Attorneys, I would.

    Ravonna M.
  • "He battled it out for me."

    I had a horrible shoulder dislocation injury. I found Kansas City Accident Injury Attorneys on Google and in the phone book. I called several places but it was just the demeanor and the manner that Victor spoke with me and the quickness that he responded back (that made me hire him). The first meeting was good. Vic came out closer to where I live, since I was injured, and met me and went over everything really thorough(ly) with me. I was pretty impressed. I didn’t try working with the insurance company before hiring an attorney. I knew the injury was so severe and after I left the emergency room, they didn’t want to take care of me at work. They basically didn’t even send me to the doctor, I had to take myself. So I knew it was something I was going to need assistance (with). Vic kept me well informed. He answered any questions that I had, returned my calls in a timely manner. He would always return my phone calls within a day. If not, Diane would get back to me and let me know (that he was in court) and he’d call me from his cell phone before he even got back to the office. He took care of me really well and made sure they took care of everything that needed to be done. I think Vic cared about me. He made sure I went to another doctor after I had seen the work comp doctor to make sure that I was being treated fairly and was given the right rating. I really appreciate him doing that. I think Vic is knowledgeable. He seemed to know his stuff. He knew all the different bones and body parts. I didn’t really expect that from an attorney but Vic does a lot of research and takes care of you. I liked the way he handled negotiations. He battled it out for me. (The insurance company was) really, really trying to low ball me. He got me more than double of what they were trying to give. He did take me out of the room and discuss things with me and then take me back into the room with the other attorneys and the mediator. That way we could have our private conversation and not have to have everything out in the open which I thought was really good. I had a previous injury to that shoulder in the past and they were really trying to stick that to me but Vic battled it out with them and said, “Look he’s never had to have surgery before.” I was really pleased. I did have some issues with the payment not showing up at my place anymore. Victor set it up so the payment would come to the office so when it came, it came on time and I could come down here and pick it up. It was great. I think KCAIA is one of the better attorney law firms especially (since I had) Victor as my attorney.I believe he did get the best possible results. I’m 100% satisfied. I think that this firm and Vic did everything they could to make sure I was taken care of the way that I needed to be. I’d recommend Kansas City Accident Injury Attorneys, their staff and Victor to anyone out there who has been injured and doesn’t feel they are being treated right. I think that anytime you have to have a surgery because of a work injury, you absolutely need to have an attorney on your side and Vic would be my go to guy.

    Shane A.

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