Everything You Should Know About Truck Rollovers

Everything You Should Know About Truck RolloversHave you ever driven down the highway and noticed a truck turned over? If so, you have most likely witnessed a truck rollover accident. This is very common among semi-trucks, but it can also happen to commercial vehicles, flatbed trucks, and box trucks.

Regardless of what type of truck is turned over, it can be a frightening sight to see as most trucks weigh between 10,000 and 80,000 pounds. Therefore, when this happens, you may begin to wonder about the safety of the driver and other passengers involved.

Some truck rollover accidents that have occurred around Kansas City, MO

There have been many truck rollover accidents that have occurred in Kansas City, Missouri and surrounding areas. The following are some of the most recent ones over the last few years:

  • A truck rollover accident occurred on the Interstate 71 Highway ramp near downtown Kansas City, Missouri in March 2023. It began leaking fuel, which led to a grass fire. Firefighters were called to the scene to put the fire out, and the highway was closed for several hours.
  • A box truck rollover accident occurred on Interstate 70 in Kansas City, Kansas in February 2023. The interstate was shut down for over 30 minutes, but no injuries were reported.
  • A dump truck rollover crash occurred on the westbound ramp of I-470 in Kansas City, Missouri in January 2023. The dump truck was transporting gravel when the accident happened. The injuries are unknown, but the highway was closed for about an hour.
  • In December 2022, a garbage truck rollover crash occurred on U.S. 40 Highway in Kansas City, Missouri. The driver and passenger were transported to the hospital for their injuries.
  • A garbage truck rollover accident killed two people and injured one in Kansas City Missouri in March 2022. The accident happened close to northbound Interstate 435.
  • In October 2019, a semi-truck rollover occurred on I-29 in Faucett, Missouri. More than 90 cattle were being carried by the truck, and several were euthanized due to their injuries. The driver was not injured.

The causes of truck rollover accidents

There are many different reasons why truck rollover accidents occur, but the most common causes include:

  • Speeding: When a large truck is speeding, they can cause a truck rollover accident. This happens often on curvy roads, where you are supposed to slow down. However, if a truck continues to drive over the speed limit, they may flip their vehicle over onto its side or top.
  • Sharp turns: Many roads have sharp turns. When a truck approaches a sharp turn, they are encouraged to proceed with caution. However, if they do not take the turn slowly, they may cause their vehicle to turn over.
  • Maintenance problems: If a trucking company does not keep its vehicles up to date and serviced, they may experience maintenance problems. The most common maintenance issues that lead to truck rollovers are tire blowouts and poor braking systems. Trucks may also have defective parts that can cause truck rollover accidents, which is the manufacturer’s responsibility.
  • Negligence or human errors: When a truck driver is driving carelessly, aggressively, or recklessly, a rollover accident is bound to happen. In addition, if the driver decides to drive while intoxicated or tired, they may cause a truck rollover. Driving any type of truck is a serious job that can severely injure or kill other drivers or passengers on the roads within seconds. Therefore, it is extremely important that truckers remain sober behind the wheel, stay fully alert, and focus on the task at hand.
  • Load issues: The truck’s load must be even to prevent a truck rollover accident. The reason for this is because if the load is not centered, it can cause the truck to flip over. That said, loaders should always make sure that a truck’s load is centered before they are allowed to leave.

Common injuries that result from truck rollovers

Individuals involved in truck rollover accidents typically suffer catastrophic injuries, which are sudden, severe, and permanent. Some of the most common catastrophic injuries that truck drivers or automobile drivers may experience from these types of accidents are:

Who is liable for a truck rollover accident?

Although many people believe that the fault lies solely withthe truck driver when a truck rollover occurs, this is not always the case. In fact, there are a few different parties that can be liable or even share liability for these types of accidents. Here are a few parties that may be liable for a truck rollover accident:

  • The truck driver: If a truck driver is negligent when operating their vehicle, they may be found liable for a truck rollover accident. Therefore, if they were distracted driving, aggressive driving, or driving while intoxicated, they may owe you compensation for your injuries.
  • The truck driver’s employer: If the truck driver’s load was improperly loaded, their employer may be responsible for this. They can also be held responsible for their employees’ actions, meaning that you can file a lawsuit against the employer for the truck driver’s negligent behavior that led to your accident.
  • The manufacturer of the truck: It is the manufacturer’s responsibility to ensure that a truck is fully functioning and safe. That said, when there is a defective product or part found on the truck that caused the accident, the manufacturer may be held liable.
  • The government: The government may be responsible if there were dangerous conditions on the road that were not taken care of properly.

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