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Truck drivers do not always understand the power they wield when operating commercial trucks on the roadways. Because commercial trucks are massive in size and weight, truckers can place other motorists’ lives in grave danger by driving negligently. It is no secret that due this size difference, the smaller vehicle will take on most of the impact if a truck collides with another vehicle. The injuries a truck accident victim can suffer can be catastrophic; and because those can be life-changing, it is only right to hold the liable parties responsible.

At Kansas City Accident Injury Attorneys, our Lee’s Summit truck accident lawyers understand the unique challenges involved in truck collision cases. We work with the police, investigators, and traffic reconstruction experts to show how the accident occurred and who is at fault. In most truck accident cases, companies like the truck owner and truck shipper may be responsible in addition to the truck driver.

Truck accident claims can be particularly complex, and the trucking companies and their insurers move fast to avoid liability and minimize or deny your claim, so acting promptly is particularly important. If you were hurt in a commercial truck crash in Missouri or Kansas, call our personal injury attorneys today for experienced help.

What makes truck accidents so catastrophic?

A truck’s heavy weight and speed causes them to have an enormous impact in an accident. Commercial trucks like tractor-trailers can weigh up to 40 tons based on their cargo; a passenger vehicle, on the other hand, can weigh as little as 3,300 lbs. Because of a truck’s size and weight, there is no such thing as a “minor” truck accident. Every collision with an 18-wheeler is devastating.

The responsibility is on the truck driver to operate their vehicle as safely as possible, and the trucking company to ensure its drivers are following the rules of the road. When truck drivers fail to uphold this duty, they should be held liable for any resulting accidents and injuries.

What are some examples of truck driver negligence?

When truck drivers fail to follow traffic or federal, local, or state trucking laws, they can be held liable for their negligent actions. Some examples of truck driver negligence include:

  • Fatigued driving. One of the common causes of truck accidents is driver fatigue. It was listed as the second-most common truck driver impairment factor in 2019. Because trucking companies pay their truck drivers by the mile instead of the hour, truck drivers push their bodies to the limit by meeting tight deadlines and remaining awake on the road.
  • Intoxication. Nobody, including truckers, may drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Still, truck drivers may abuse substances in an effort to stay awake while driving on the road. When truckers drive impaired, their reaction times are drastically delayed.
  • Inadequate training. Because trucking companies are in a rush to hire new drivers, employers will hire younger, inexperienced drivers with little to no training on how to operate a commercial truck. When truck drivers are not properly trained on how to operate a commercial truck, they can cause significant injuries for several motorists.
  • Distractions. The long periods on the road can tempt truck drivers to become easily distracted. Distracted driving is another common cause of truck accidents. Any action that takes a driver’s attention off of the road temporarily counts as a distraction. Because truck drivers spend hours on the road, there is plenty of time to lose focus.
  • Speeding. One of the common causes of many truck accidents is speeding. Truck drivers speed against the recommended limit to meet tight deadlines. Similar to driving while under the influence, the truck driver’s reaction time is decreased the faster that the driver is traveling. This can lead to the truck driver losing control of the commercial truck and striking other motorists in the process.

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What are common injuries caused by Lee’s Summit truck accidents?

Truck accidents often cause severe and life-altering injuries. Some of these include:

  • Spinal cord injuries. These types of injuries can lead to paralysis and permanent nerve damage. Damage to the spinal cord may not be immediately noticeable. Because of this, truck accident victims must seek immediate medical attention.
  • Traumatic brain injuries. These types of injuries happen when the brain endures an enormous amount of trauma from either direct force to the head or a penetrating force to the head. In some cases, the brain can become injured even if there is no blow to the head. Whiplash can cause a victim’s brain to be injured without the victim even knowing of the injury.
  • Burn injuries. These types of injuries happen when flammable items are transported on the truck cargo and become exposed to other motorists.
  • Internal injuries. These types of injuries consist of internal bleeding, liver damage, kidney damage, and damage to the blood vessels. Internal injuries are caused through either blunt force trauma or penetrating trauma.
  • Broken bones. When coming in contact with the force of a truck, victims of truck accidents are prone to serious injuries like broken bones.

In the most tragic of cases, a truck accident results in wrongful death.

What other parties can be held liable in a truck accident in Lee's Summit?

Although driver negligence is a common reason for truck accidents, there are other parties that may also be liable for your injuries. One party is the trucking company. A trucking company is required to perform certain actions that ensure their drivers and trucks are qualified and maintained, respectively. These actions include inspections, routine drug testing, and meeting HOS regulations. When trucking companies fail in any of these and an accident occurs, they may be considered negligent.

How can a Lee’s Summit truck accident attorney help my claim?

Truck accident cases are complex. Victims often experience catastrophic or deadly injuries, and cases may have multiple defendants. You need experienced lawyers on your side who have earned the respect of clients, insurance companies, defense lawyers, and judges. At Kansas City Accident Injury Attorneys, our Lee’s Summit truck accident attorneys have been fighting for injury victims in Missouri and Kansas for 30 years. We work with a team of professionals to help prove liability and demonstrate the ways the accident has changed your life.

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