High Speed Car Chase On K-10 Highway Ends in Woman’s Arrest

Another high speed car chase in Kansas City ends in arrest.  In this case, a woman who was pulled over in rural Johnson County, attempted to hit a sheriff deputy with her car and then led authorities on a chase through Johnson County and into Douglas County where the 38-year-old woman was arrested.

The situation began near 103rd Street and Sunflower Road around Clearview City when Johnson County sheriff deputies pulled over the suspect.  As the deputy approached the car to make contact with the driver, she took off seeking to hit the deputy with her vehicle.  The pursuit began through rural Johnson County and the driver led police to K-10 Highway where she headed west towards Eudora and Lawrence.  At that point Douglas County sheriff deputies and the Eudora police department were able to lend a hand and placed stop sticks to disable her car.  The stop sticks flattened one of her tires, but the woman continued on before giving up the chase a couple of miles later.

She was arrested on several charges, including possession of methamphetamine.

It seems these high speed chases are becoming a more common occurrence in the Kansas City Metro area. Just this Monday morning, another chase involving a stolen semi kept police busy in Kansas City, Missouri. These pursuits on our Kansas and Missouri roadways are dangerous and can have deadly consequences.  As Kansas City accident and personal injury attorneys, we ask that all area drivers think about the results of trying to elude police and stop your vehicle as soon as safely possible whenever prompted by authorities.

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