High speed police chase ends in crash in Lenexa Kansas

Minor injuries were reported from a car crash that was the result of a high speed chase through Lenexa, Kansas on Thursday night. The suspect suffered minor personal injuries when his vehicle crashed at 101st and Santa Fe Trail in Lenexa when police set up stop sticks, bringing the Kansas City area chase to an abrupt halt at 9:45 p.m.  The driver of the suspect’s vehicle was immediately detained by police on the scene.  There was no information as to why police were chasing the suspect or what charges he will be facing now that he’s been apprehended.


Statistics show that hundreds if not thousands die each year due to police pursuits and thousands more are injured. It’s never a wise idea to run from the police. Not only are you damaging your case in the eyes of a judge, but you are endangering yourself as well as the law enforcement officials that are doing their jobs; not to mention the countless innocent civilians that could be injured or killed in any car accident resulting from a high speed car chase.

Our Kansas and Missouri accident attorneys are thankful that no one else was injured during this motor vehicle accident. This incident should serve as a reminder to Kansas City area drivers that when you decide to evade police you are putting innocent people at risk, potentially causing serious personal injury or death, and making it much more dangerous for everyone on the road.

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