Man Hospitalized After Motorcycle Crash

Even when you are following the rules of the road, riding a motorcycle can be dangerous.  When you ignore the law and decide to do it your way, the chance for serious injury multiplies ten-fold.  Another prime example of what can happen when motorcyclists blatantly ignore traffic laws, occurred Saturday night in Lenexa, Kansas when a man riding a motorcycle crashed trying to enter I-35 by going the wrong way down the exit ramp of 87th street.  According to several eye witnesses, the motorcyclist crashed into a median, which caused the bike to explode.

The motorcyclist suffered serious injury, including the loss of an arm and was taken to a local hospital where he was listed in critical condition.  There was no report of whether or not the motorcyclist was under the influence of alcohol and/or illegal drugs or not.

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As Kansas City Motorcycle Accident and Injury Attorneys, we wish the victim in this accident our best wishes in his recovery and hope in the future he, as well as other motorcyclists practice more attentive driving techniques so that the roads are safe for all motorists.

It’s fortunate that there were motorists who were willing to stop for the victim.  The simple act of human decency may have saved the motorcyclist’s life for the time being.  However, not all motorcycle accidents in Kansas City end this way.  Many end with fatal results for the rider, passengers or even motorists who are also on the road.

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