Understanding Internal Bleeding from a Kansas City, MO Car Accident

Understanding Internal Bleeding from a Kansas City, MO Car AccidentUnless you are a medical professional or have suffered an injury yourself, it is far too easy to underestimate the severity of the trauma, simply because you do not understand it. We may not even realize we don’t understand something (especially when myths and misconceptions are commonplace in pop culture). For example, while we know what it means to break a bone, we may not understand why it hurts so much or how to treat it properly even if we think we have a decent idea.

Thankfully, most of the lesser-understood injuries are rare and the majority of people never have to learn much about them. However, when it comes to something like internal bleeding, which can happen after any bad car accident, misunderstanding how this injury affects the body can lead to great complications in the future. No one is immune from car accidents or any of the pain they can bring.

Signs and dangers of internal bleeding

When you think of internal bleeding, what comes to mind? Perhaps you think of ruptured organs and serious damage, but you may also think of the playground taunt where kids remind each other that bruises are “technically” internal bleeding (technically true). You may even think of Jake Peralta’s smiling, carefree attitude about his internal bleeding in the popular sitcom Brooklyn-99, where he cheerfully reassured friends he was fine because, “that’s where the blood is supposed to be.” And, at least for most people, you are likelier to consider much rarer causes for internal bleeding, like an assault or falling from a great height before you consider car accidents.

But make no mistake: these misconceptions can be deadly. Internal bleeding is a common result of serious car accidents, and it is a serious condition. In fact, it’s the leading cause of death associated with physical traumas. Even if you do survive the initial accident, untreated (and sometimes even treated) internal bleeding often leads to organ failure, coma, seizures, and eventual death. Seeking proper medical attention as soon as possible is essential for having a chance of survival.

The good news about internal bleeding is it does not happen spontaneously. There must be an underlying cause, whether from injury or disease. The bad news, however, is that it can be hard to notice without medical intervention. If you suffer through a car accident but choose not to seek medical help because you believe you’re okay, you risk overlooking the warning signs. Depending on where the bleeding is happening, you may experience different symptoms, so if you notice any of the following after a car accident in yourself or a loved one, make sure to seek immediate medical attention:

  • Dizziness/passing out
  • Severe weakness
  • Low blood pressure
  • Weakness on one side of the body
  • Shortness of breath
  • Nausea/vomiting
  • Acute vision problems
  • Severe pains in your abdomen, chest, or head
  • Diarrhea

Because internal bleeding can take hours before it becomes evident on any level, these symptoms can start occurring when it’s already too late. It usually only makes itself known after significant blood loss or once a blood clot begins to compress an organ into failure. That is why going to the hospital even if you think you feel fine after a car accident is so important. Medical professionals know how to check for such problems before they reach the limit of no return, and they can begin treatment accordingly.

That being said, nothing can undo an accident. Internal bleeding can and does kill people who seek immediate attention, even if it takes years of seizures, bleeding episodes, and coma to do so.

How Missouri car accident victims seek compensation

Driving on our state roads in any vehicle has become more dangerous than ever in recent years. In 2021, we saw the highest fatality count in 15 years: over a thousand people lost their lives in car accidents in Missouri alone. Most of those accidents were preventable, caused by a lack of seat belts, reckless driving, and distracted motorists in all their forms. And, as high as the count is, note that it does not include those who were seriously injured in car accidents but kept their lives. That number is unknown — but undoubtedly higher.

While your life is the most important thing, severe enough injuries like internal bleeding can lead to years and years of medical intervention, from surgeries to medications to therapies to accommodations to check-ups. Victims could find themselves in hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of medical debt, if they are able to get that far. No one’s recovery should be blocked behind a paywall, and yours doesn’t shouldn’t be either. Getting a Kansas City, MO personal injury attorney gives you the best chance of maximum compensation for your losses.

Regardless of what or who caused your accident, an experienced car accident attorney knows how to investigate the case to find out and pursue the responsible entity accordingly. Whether the other party simply drove recklessly, or a car part on either side failed, or the road was unsafe to drive, someone is liable for your damages — and it isn’t you. Once your attorney knows who to pursue, they start building a case on your behalf to prove negligence in court, already prepared to deal with whatever a greedy insurance company or dishonest defendant can throw at them. All the while, you have the freedom and financial security to focus on yourself, your family, and your recovery.

You may be entitled to this compensation, but you will not get it automatically. You must take the first step to hire an attorney after a car accident, and it should be the first thing you do after seeking medical attention. Missouri and Kansas allow victims five and two years respectively to file personal injury claims, but filing while everything is fresh in both body and mind gives you the best chance at success. Do not be afraid of the law. Let an attorney use it to help you, the way it was intended.

The Kansas City Accident Injury Attorneys team has years and years of collective experience helping victims of severe car accidents with all levels of physical traumas. We understand how painful, exhausting, and terrifying this experience can be, and all we want is to ease the way for our clients as much as possible. Not only will we gladly answer any and all questions, we can keep you in the loop every step of the way while still providing you space to relax and recover. Outside of Kansas City, MO, we have additional offices in Lee’s Summit, Parkville and St. Joseph, MO; and Olathe, Overland Park, and Kansas City, KS, by appointment only. Don’t wait to get help. Call us today at 816-471-5111 or use our contact form, and learn what we can do for you.