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The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that a car accident happens about every minute. That means that every minute, someone’s life is affected by the traumatic event of being involved in a car accident. Even if the accident is minor (which is a blessing), the physical pain can last for a long amount of time. Victims of car accidents end up having permanent issues with their backs and other parts of their bodies for the rest of their lives in some cases. Just like the injuries you or your loved one sustained, your legal representation needs to be equally relentless in pursuing your legal rights. That's where our Lee's Summit car accident lawyers can help.

Since 1995, Kansas City Accident Injury Attorneys have fought aggressively for injury victims and the families of deceased victims. Our Lee's Summit car accident attorneys collaborate with investigators, traffic reconstruction experts, and medical professionals to show how your accident happened and why the defendants should be held accountable. We also collaborate with doctors and independent physicians to show the full extent of your injuries, the treatments you need, and how your injuries affect every part of your life. We understand when insurance companies are negotiating fairly and when they’re trying to lowball your claim. Our Lee’s Summit personal injury lawyers answer your questions and guide you through each phase of the litigation process.

What makes car accidents so dangerous?

When a car collides with another object, there is a transfer of energy that happens between the vehicle and whatever it strikes, whether that is another vehicle or fixed object. That object will either absorb all of the energy or transfer it back to the vehicle that struck it. For example, if a car collides with a telephone pole, the car will absorb the energy of the immovable object. Because the telephone pole does not move at all, the force of the impact has to go somewhere, and unfortunately the car absorbs the full impact of the crash.

What are the elements of a car accident?

There are several common causes of car accidents, from distracted driving and driving under the influence, to aggressive driving and speeding. However, most if not all of these causes have three factors in common that lead to a car accident:

  1. A driver engages in unsafe, negligent behaviors.
  2. An unexpected event occurs that the driver is unprepared for.
  3. The negligent driver is unable to react in time to avoid or prevent a crash.

A combination of these three elements typically leads to a serious car accident.

What conditions increase the chances of a Lee’s Summit car accident?

While driver error is the primary reason why most car accidents happen, there are certain conditions that increase the risks. One is rush hour traffic. The more vehicles present on the roadways, the greater the chances of a car accident. This is why rush hour is one of the most dangerous times to be on the road, when it can be difficult to maneuver safely. These are also the times where drivers are the most frustrated, making it more likely for them to engage in aggressive driving.

Another condition that can increase the chances of a car accident are inclement weather conditions. According to the NHTSA, icy and slick roads are responsible for 17 percent of vehicle crashes. When the roads are icy, a car’s tires are in danger of losing traction. Icy roads are also dangerous for drivers because they may not notice conditions until it is too late. When drivers begin to speed over icy roads, they can lose control of their vehicles and cause an accident.

A third condition that can increase the chances of a car accident is glare. Sunset and sunrise glare can cause a driver to temporarily lose sight of what is in front of them. When this happens, drivers are advised to reduce their speed and increase the distance between themselves and the vehicle in front of them. However, some drivers may fail to take this into account and collide with other vehicles.

Do I have a case?

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What kinds of car accident claims do you handle in Lee’s Summit?

Kansas City Accident Injury Attorneys represents injury victims in lawsuits and claims stemming from collisions involving:

  • Drunk drivers
  • Distracted drivers
  • Stationary objects
  • Defective roadways
  • Defective auto parts

What are some common injuries from car accidents?

Some serious injuries that can stem from car accidents include:

  • Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs). These serious injuries happen when the brain suffers damage from a substantial blow or piercing injury to the head. Drivers who are involved in car accidents like head-on collisions and rear-end collisions can suffer from TBIs. These types of injuries affect the way a person’s brain functions, in some cases permanently.
  • Spinal cord injuries (SCIs). These injuries happen when the bundle of nerves found in the spinal cord endure a consequential amount of damage, resulting in temporary or permanent paralysis. Drivers who are involved in side-impact collisions and T-bone accidents are in danger of suffering from spinal cord injuries.
  • Internal injuries. Another reason why car accidents are dangerous are because the injuries are not noticeable right away. Victims of car accidents can suffer from internal injuries. Internal injuries can range from internal bleeding, punctured lungs, spleen damage, liver damage, and kidney injury. Internal injuries can happen from either blunt trauma (when a part of the body collides with something else) or penetrating trauma (when an object penetrates through the body and tears into blood vessels, muscles, and internal organs).

In the most tragic cases, car accidents lead to the wrongful death of the driver and/or passengers.

What is the value of my Lee’s Summit car accident claim?

At Kansas City Accident Injury Attorneys, our experienced car accident attorneys fight to secure every dollar you deserve. While there is no precise formula, there are common factors that determine the value of your personal injury case. These include:

  • Medical bills and expenses. We demand payment for the cost of your doctor visits, surgeries, hospital stays, rehabilitative care, assistive devices, and medications.
  • Lost income. Injury victims can demand payment for all the wages or income they lose because of their injuries, including future income loss.
  • Pain and suffering. Our attorneys also demand compensation for your chronic pain, depression, anxiety, and other ways your life has changed due to your injuries.
  • Loss of consortium. This recognizes any loss of personal relationship between spouses from the accident and resulting injuries.

Is there a car accident lawyer near me?

Kansas City Accident Injury Attorneys has offices at 200 NE Missouri Rd Suite 200, in Lee’s Summit, MO. Please call for an appointment. Our law firm also has offices throughout Missouri and Kansas for your convenience.

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