You CAN Afford a Car Accident Lawyer from Kansas City’s Favorite Law Firm!

You CAN Afford a Car Accident Lawyer from Kansas City’s Favorite Law Firm!  A car accident can derail your entire life, emotionally and financially. When you’re dealing with injuries and missing work because of those injuries, you may see your bills piling up with no end in sight. Right about now you could use a lawyer, but many people (wrongly) believe they can’t afford an attorney and attempt to go through the legal process without qualified help.

The good news? You can afford a car accident lawyer from Kansas City Accident Injury Attorneys. Our attorneys work on a contingency fee basis, which means we don’t get paid until you get paid. Keep reading to find out more.

What is a contingency fee?

A contingency fee is a payment structure between a lawyer and their client where the lawyer only gets paid if the client wins the case. In other words, the lawyer’s fee is contingent on the outcome of the case. This type of fee arrangement is most common in personal injury cases.

Here’s how it typically works:

  • The lawyer agrees to accept a percentage of the final monetary award the client receives, whether through a settlement or court judgment.
  • There’s no upfront fee for the client.
  • If the client’s case is unsuccessful, they don’t owe the lawyer anything for their time and work on the case.

Contingency fees are typically between 33% and 40% of your final award.

Whether or not you recover compensation for your injuries, your lawyer pays for certain items up front as the case proceeds. These are called “fees and disbursements,” and include the amounts your lawyer may pay for court costs, expert witnesses, and other expenses. Fees and disbursements are deducted from your recovery before the lawyer takes their percentage. If you don’t recover any money, any obligation to pay will be noted in the written retainer agreement you and your lawyer enter into.

So yes, you can afford a Kansas City car accident lawyer, because you pay nothing out of pocket.

What is a retainer agreement?

A retainer agreement with a lawyer is a formal document that outlines the terms of your legal representation. It’s essentially a contract that sets expectations for both you and your lawyer. Here’s a breakdown of what a retainer agreement typically covers:

  • Securing the lawyer’s services: Some firms and lawyers require payment up front; this is also referred to as a “retainer.” By paying a retainer fee upfront, you secure the lawyer’s time and expertise for your case.
  • Scope of representation: The agreement clarifies what legal matters the lawyer will handle on your behalf. This helps avoid confusion about what’s included in the retainer and what might require additional fees.
  • Fee structure: The agreement details how the lawyer will charge you. This could be a flat fee for a specific service, an hourly rate, contingency fees, or a combination.
  • Communication and billing: The agreement outlines how the lawyer will communicate with you and how often you’ll receive bills for services rendered.
  • Term and termination: This clarifies the duration of the retainer agreement and the process for termination by either party.
  • Additional considerations: The agreement may also address other important aspects like confidentiality and the handling of court costs and other expenses.

Having a retainer agreement in place is important for ensuring a clear understanding between you and your lawyer. It protects both your interests and helps avoid any misunderstandings about fees and expectations.

How do I get paid for my Kansas City car accident case?

In most cases, you will get paid once you accept a settlement offer from the insurance company. Your lawyer will present you an offer and if you choose to accept it, you’ll sign papers finalizing the agreement. When you take your settlement, you are waiving your future right to sue for damages. After you sign the agreement and all necessary paperwork, the insurance company will issue payment to your attorney. They will pay any unpaid bills and deduct the cost of representation and other fees, and then give you the rest.

The process works much in the same way if you go to court. Once you receive a jury award, your attorney will deduct unpaid bills and their legal costs before giving you the rest.

This timeline can take anywhere from months to even years if your injuries were particularly serious or your case is complex with multiple defendants. Our attorneys can give you a better idea in a free consultation about your particular accident.

Think you can’t afford a good car accident lawyer? Think again! At Kansas City Accident Injury Attorneys, we work on a contingency fee basis and you don’t owe us anything unless we win your case – that means no money up front. Find out why we were recently voted Kansas City’s Favorite Law firm and get in touch with us today. To schedule a free consultation, simply call our offices or submit our contact form. We are available any time at our main office in Kansas City, MO. If that location does not work for you, feel free to schedule an appointment at one of our other convenient office locations in Lee’s Summit, Parkville and St. Joseph (MO); Olathe, Kansas City, and Overland Park (KS).