$3,000,000 for Motorcycle Accident Victim

Collision with a Delivery Van Resulted in Multiple Fractures

Our client, a motorcyclist who sustained severe injuries including multiple fractures to his upper and lower extremities, has received a $3 million settlement from the insurance carrier.

Our client was riding his motorcycle northbound and approaching an intersection when the driver of a delivery van owned by a Kansas City flower company, driving south, suddenly turned left into a QuikTrip, immediately in front of our client’s approaching motorcycle. Our client was unable to avoid the delivery van and collided with its passenger side, causing him multiple fractures to his right leg and left arm.

We were able to demonstrate that the driver of the flower delivery van was operating under what we believe were undesirable employment conditions at the time of the collision, which were aggravating circumstances which contributed to cause the negligent driving and resulting collision.

Our client sustained multiple and catastrophic injuries and required extensive medical evaluation and treatment. He was transported to the hospital emergency room via ambulance and underwent multiple surgeries, including external fixation of the right femur and right tibial plateau fracture, closed reduction and splinting of the left distal radius fracture, open reduction and internal fixation of the right tibial plateau fracture, internal fixation of the left humerus, radius and ulna fractures.

Kansas City Accident Injury Attorneys immediately went to work for our client to prove liability and the extent of the injuries and damages and thereby obtain efficient and effective compensation for him, an effort to obtain the most compensation in the shortest amount of time for our client.

Because an accident reconstruction was not performed at the time of the collision, Kansas City Accident Injury Attorneys retained a highly qualified accident reconstruction expert, who determined that the other driver turned in front of our client in violation of Missouri statutory law regarding right of way of intersections.

Specifically, the accident reconstruction expert determined that double yellow lines pavement markings present at the collision site indicated traffic was not allowed to cross or pass in the area or travel against traffic on the wrong side of the roadway in this area. The other driver’s actions turning left in front of our client’s motorcycle when he was so close as to constitute an immediate hazard was the proximate cause of the collision in violation of Missouri statutory law requiring motorists to exercise the highest degree of care.

The accident reconstructionist determined that the other driver’s actions further violated the rules of the road contained in the Missouri Drivers Manual that drivers turning left must yield to oncoming vehicles going straight. Additionally, the other driver turned left in violation of a Do Not Enter road marking. She should have driven approximately 200 feet farther to make her turn from a legal turn lane into the parking lot and had she done so this collision would not have occurred.

The accident reconstructionist further determined that there was no evidence to indicate that the actions of our client contributed to the collision.

In addition to medical experts, Kansas City Accident Injury Attorneys retained a life care planner who determined that our client would require projected future medical care that included neuropsychological, occupational therapist, orthopedic surgeon, physiatrist, physical therapist, psychiatric, speech therapist, and vocational counselor evaluation, individual and marital counseling projected therapeutic modalities, as well as medical diagnostic testing that included EEG, x-rays, MRI’s, mobility modalities that included wheelchair and power scooter, aids for independent function, medications, Home care that included home health aides, architectural renovations including home modifications, surgical intervention including total knee replacement, and household services including inside and outside maintenance totaling more than a million dollars in additional to a substantial future loss of earnings and benefits.

We were also able to demonstrate that our client had sustained significant loss of value of life, loss of enjoyment of life and pain and suffering.

Ultimately, Kansas City Accident Injury Attorneys were successfully able to secure a settlement at mediation prior to suit for $3,000,000.

In addition to securing a substantial net recovery for our client, we were able to arrange for a post-settlement annuity that would allow for payment of future medical needs while preserving his right to future Medicare benefits.

Kansas City Accident Injury Attorneys are proud to have been able to secure this substantial recovery that will help provide for our injured client’s future needs. With offices in Kansas City, Overland Park, Lee’s Summit, Parkville, Saint Joseph, and Olathe, we are able to serve clients throughout Kansas and Missouri. To assert your rights, please call or fill out our contact form to schedule an appointment.