A Hardship Hearing May Allow Faster Workers’ Comp Benefits

Even if you carefully researched attorneys and interviewed your car accident attorney before retaining him, this doesn’t guarantee that you’ll be satisfied with his services.

You do have the right to fire your attorney if you are unhappy with how he handles your case. However, you don’t want to take this decision lightly.

Reasons You May Need to Retain a New Attorney

Before firing your attorney, be certain expectations about your claim are realistic and that your frustrations are really caused by your attorney’s actions and not the insurance company. In most instances, it’s best to let one attorney handle the case.

However, you may need to hire a new attorney if:

  • He isn’t working on your car accident case or not making sufficient progress in settling or litigating it. While your lawyer has a right to work on other cases, he should also be taking necessary steps in your case, such as investigating the cause of your crash, collecting medical records and other evidence, and negotiating your settlement with the insurance adjuster.
  • He doesn’t answer your questions, or follow your requests in matters that you have a right to decide, such as accepting or rejecting a settlement offer.
  • Your telephone calls or emails aren’t answered promptly, or you’re not receiving proper updates about the progress in your case. There are some times that an attorney may genuinely be too busy to do this. However, he should designate a paralegal or administrative assistant to respond to or update you, and then schedule a time to talk as soon as possible.
  • You discover he doesn’t have the right experience handling car crash cases. Like with other areas of the law, these cases have specific laws and unique challenges. You want an experienced car accident attorney with a track record of success.
  • Your current counsel engages in unethical behaviors, such as lying about your injuries or falsifying documents.

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