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Although its name may suggest re-staging a car crash, accident reconstruction is simply a thorough investigation of the details of an accident to recreate the incident and allow deeper understanding of the events. Reconstructionists will often visit the scene of the accident, examine scene photographs and eyewitness testimony, and inspect the vehicles that were involved in the collision to present a full picture of the crash that can be used as evidence in your case.

Your attorney may consult with an accident reconstruction expert for a rollover crash case if there is dispute over the following facts:

  1. What caused the vehicle to tip over? Rollover accidents begin with a triggering event, such as striking a pothole in the road or a driver swerving to avoid an object. If your case involves liability for the initial event that caused the car to veer sideways, accident reconstruction can determine how the event (such as a locked steering column, defective brakes, or other vehicle defect) contributed to the loss of control of the car.
  2. What caused the vehicle to roll? Once a car is traveling sideways, it may only take a small amount of force to pull the roof to the road and the continuing momentum sends the vehicle into a roll. An improper design and high center of gravity encourages rolling, so a vehicle manufacturer should have taken steps to counteract the effect. In addition, any road features (such as open areas or missing guardrails) that contributed to excessive rolling could add another layer to your case.
  3. What caused the plaintiff’s injury? There could be many factors that contributed to a driver’s or passenger’s injuries in a rollover crash. For example, a driver who suffered a severe head injury may assume that the city is at fault for pothole he struck, but he has a stronger case against the vehicle manufacturer due to roof collapse. A thorough examination of the evidence will allow your attorney to determine which factors in your case were most to blame for the accident and your resulting trauma, giving you the best chance of winning your case.

Most reconstructionist go to work immediately to assess the scene and examine the wrecked vehicles before they can be repaired or destroyed. For these reasons, it is vital to consult with an attorney after a rollover accident to make sure all evidence is available for your case.

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