Can Passengers of a Drunk Driver Sue for Injuries

Post-traumatic epilepsy is, as the name suggests, a seizure disorder that occurs because of a brain injury. It should not be confused with seizures that occur soon after an injury and do not reoccur. Instead, post-traumatic epilepsy is a condition that continues and that can significantly affect a brain-injury victim’s ability to function, to work, and to enjoy life.

In order to determine if you are at risk for post-traumatic epilepsy and a proper diagnosis of the condition, it is important to see a qualified doctor. Your primary care physician may refer you to a specialist such as neurologist.

If you do have post-traumatic epilepsy or other problems after suffering a brain injury in a Kansas City crash then it is also important to contact an experienced Kansas City auto-accident attorney. A Kansas City auto-accident lawyer can investigate the circumstances of your accident, advise you of your legal rights, and explain your potential recovery. 

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