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Can I get a copy of the red-light camera video as evidence in my motorcycle crash case?

Yes, but it probably won’t be easy. There are many reasons victims have difficulty gaining access to these records. Firstly, data from the camera is typically only released to law enforcement officers for use in their investigation. You may have to deal with the camera operating company or local police in order to obtain a copy of the video to use as evidence.

Secondly, Missouri’s red-light cameras, which are used to take pictures of cars that illegally run red lights, were disabled in 2013 after a court ruling. Although lawmakers are still fighting to turn these cameras back on, many are still able to shoot video even through the red-light violation program is not being enforced—it will just depend on which intersection was host to your accident.

Thirdly, data from a camera can be hard to interpret. Due to the angle of the camera, you may not be able to prove who was at fault. The video may also show you performing a maneuver that could have contributed to the negligence of the crash. If so, it is likely that the video will hurt, rather than help your case.

The best way to gather red-light camera video or any other evidence after a crash is to consult with an experienced Kansas City attorney. In addition to collecting video evidence on your behalf, we can gather traffic light operation and timing records, statements from witnesses, and details of the police investigation of the crash. We can also help access to the other driver’s past violations record.

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