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How You May Recover if a Trucker Didn’t See You on I-70

Tractor-trailers are big and so too are their blind spots. Blind spots are the areas around the truck that the trucker can’t see. While cars and smaller trucks also have blind spots, it follows that the size of the blind spots is bigger on bigger vehicles. It is estimated that blind spots cause more than 400,000 truck accidents a year and that many people are injured and killed as a result of these accidents.

Blind Spots May Be Part of Driving a Truck—but They Are No Defense

The height, length, and position of the truck driver may make blind spots inevitable. However, truck drivers may not use blind spots as a defense if they hit another vehicle on I-70 or anywhere else in Kansas or Missouri. Truck drivers are supposed to know where their blind spots are and to account for their limited vision in those areas by:

  • Paying attention to traffic around them. If a car that was traveling near a truck suddenly goes missing from a trucker’s sight then it could be in a blind spot.
  • Taking time when changing lanes or making turns. A sudden lane shift or turn may not give a trucker time to see where all the other vehicles are and could result in a blind spot accident.

Many big-rigs have blind spots in front of the truck, in back of the truck, and on either side of the truck. While it is not your responsibility to avoid a blind spot accident, it is important to be aware of these blind spots and to avoid them, to the fullest extent possible, so that you can protect yourself from the pain of an I-70 truck accident injury.

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