10 Rules for Finding the Right Personal Injury Attorney to Represent You after an Accident

  1. Get an attorney who is experienced handling injury cases, not a generalist. We believe it's so important that we'll provide you with names and numbers of other attorneys, even if you don't become a client of ours.
  2. Experience is a very important factor. Length and nature. Past results demonstrate some level of success and experience.
  3. An attorney should have information, like free books or a website, where you can learn more before you walk in the door.
  4. Beware of an attorney who contacts you just after you have been in an accident to solicit your claim.
  5. Beware of an attorney with a stable of doctors he will refer you to, which can be a real problem for your claim.
  6. Always meet with your attorney. You must be comfortable with and trust your attorney.
  7. Determine whether the attorney will keep you closely informed as your case progresses.
  8. Learn who will actually handle and work on your case.
  9. Be careful not to rush the process by allowing unethical "runners" to personally solicit you.
  10. Get a referral from a trusted attorney that you know.

We'll Help You Find the Right Attorney, Even If It's Not Us

If we do not accept your personal injury case, we will give you a suggestion to find another attorney. This will give you a good start! If you have any questions you can always contact us online or call us directly at 888.348.2616.