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How to Avoid Truck Accidents and Injuries on Local Independence Roads

You are driving around town commuting to work, taking children to school, running errands, going to an appointment, or visiting friends. You’ve driven these streets hundreds of times before, and you know how to navigate them safely. You probably don’t give much thought to getting hurt in a truck accident before you reach your destination. Yet, other drivers, such as truck drivers, could change your plans. They could cause an accident and serious injury on a local Independence road.

3 Ways Truckers Cause Crashes on Local Roads

It would be impossible to detail every possible scenario that could result in a local truck accident. Truckers, like other drivers, may be distracted, drunk, drowsy, or otherwise negligent and cause a crash. However, there are three dangers that you should know about when you see a truck on an Independence street. Specifically, you should know that:

  1. Trucks make wide right turns. It can be difficult for trucks to make right turns without hitting other vehicles.
  2. Trucks may have difficulty stopping. That proverbial ball in the street—followed by a child in the street—really happens on local roads. It can be difficult for a trucker to stop quickly when a child, other pedestrian, animal, or anything else enters the road.
  3. Narrower roads may make it hard for truckers to see you. You can’t spread out on local streets the way you do when traffic is moving on the highway. Many roads are only one lane in either direction, and traffic lights and stop signs force vehicles into closer proximity.

Of course, most trucks are able to avoid accidents on local roads even with these restrictions. Accordingly, it is important to get the help that you need if a trucker has hurt you in an Independence crash.

Contact a Kansas City Truck Accident Lawyer if You’ve Been Hurt

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