Whether you are a hospital patient, doctor, hospital worker, or visitor you face a common risk of injury. You may think of a hospital as a relatively safe place designed to help people who are injured or sick. However, if you are a patient, doctor, worker or visitor you may be at risk of a slip and fall accident in a Kansas City hospital. Accordingly, it is important to understand your risks and to know how to contact a Kansas City slip and fall lawyer if you are injured.


Kansas City Hospital Slip and Fall Risks


Hospitals may be high risk places for slip and fall accidents because:


  • The floors are often wet. Hospital floors require a lot of cleaning both because of messes that are made and to prevent germs and diseases from spreading. Wet floors can be slippery and cause fall accidents.
  • Equipment, or other things, may be left in places where people walk. Hospitals can be tight quarters. Anything from a mop to a suitcase to a cord attached to a piece of medical equipment can cause a trip and fall hazard.
  • Broken handrails can be dangerous. This is particularly true for patients, or the elderly, who may have trouble walking safely or using the restroom without proper handrails.


Generally, hospitals can take certain steps to lower these risks and protect patients, employees and visitors from the risk of Kansas City hospital fall accidents.

Have You Been Injured In A Slip And Fall Accident?

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