You’ve already done the most important thing that you can do to protect your future after an I-635 truck accident injury. You’ve already seen a doctor and you are getting the medical help that you need to have the healthiest possible future.

Don’t Neglect Your Financial Future

While your future health is your top priority, you may also be concerned about your future finances. It has likely become quickly apparent that I-635 truck crash injuries are expensive. Are you protecting your financial future or are you making common mistakes that could lead to problems down the road?

You may be making an (avoidable) mistake if you:

  • Fail to keep receipts – These may be important in settlement negotiations or at trial when you are providing evidence about the value of our claim.
  • Fail to follow your doctor’s orders about returning to work – Going back to work too soon can cause you physical harm and result in more time out of work.
  • Fail to understand what your case may be worth – It is difficult to settle for a fair financial sum if you don’t know what that sum should be. You should assume that the other party (typically the insurance company) wants to pay you as little as possible. Thus, you need to know what a fair settlement is so that you don’t agree to settle for too little.
  • Talk to the insurance adjuster – Whatever you say to an insurance adjuster can later be used against you to lower your possible settlement.
  • Don’t talk to an Overland Park lawyer – You don’t have to manage all of this on your own. You have the right to consult with an Overland Park attorney who can represent your best interests and advocate for your fair settlement.

These mistakes are, however, avoidable.

Have You Been Injured In A Truck Accident?

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