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Learn 7 Distractions Unrelated to Technology that Can Lead to Dangerous Driving

Your phone is in your center console, you programmed your GPS before you even left your driveway, and you've already got your favorite playlist playing on your stereo.  You avoid using technology while driving because you know what can happen if you are not driving with your full attention.  However, there are things besides your cellphone, GPS, or ipod that can cause you to get into an accident.

Here are seven common non technology distractions you want to avoid:

  1. Looking at scenery or an accident
  2. Eating or drinking while driving
  3. Reading a map while driving
  4. Dealing with your children or pets while driving
  5. Grooming yourself
  6. Talking to passengers
  7. Unruly passengers

These non tech preoccupations could cause you to get into an accident by physcially, visually, or cognitavely distracting you.  Anything thing that causes you to take your hands off of the wheel, your eyes off of the road, or your concentration off of driving could potentially lead to a  serious injury accident.

If you have suffered a serious injury in a distracted driving automobile accident in Kansas or Missouri, you may be entitled to compensation including coverage of medical bill, loss of income as well as legal fees.  Contact the experienced Kansas City Personal Injury Lawyers of Kansas City Accident Injury Attorneys.  With over 15 years of experience in Auto Injury Accident, Motorcycle Injury Accident and Trucking Injury Accidents, we can help you determine the best way to proceed with your claim.  Call today for a free consultation.


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James Roswold
James Roswold is a Kansas & Missouri personal injury, workers comp, and medical malpractice attorney.

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