Hundreds of drivers will be stuck on the shoulder of I-435 over Labor Day weekend. Some will be stuck in traffic, some will be suffering the effects of a crash—and some will be answering some tough questions as a result of increased drunk-driving enforcement.

You may have already seen a greater number of police officers patrolling Kansas City streets during the   summer nights. While these officers are catching drunk drivers before they cause irreparable damage, they are also bringing down the drunk driving rate just by sitting in their cars. Knowing that the police are out in force, helps keep many intoxicated drivers at home—or on their friends’ couches—in order to avoid arrest.

Easy Ways to Avoid Being Involved in a Labor Day Drunk Driving Crash

Here are a few ways to avoid being struck by--or becoming--a drunk driver this Labor Day:

Host a barbecue.

If you haven’t already made plans, host the barbecue yourself. You’ll know where your kids are, be able to offer plenty of non-alcoholic drinks for designated drivers, and can have taxi numbers—or a spare bed—on hand for people who unexpectedly drink too much.

Watch the clock.

If you do go out and drink, stop drinking early enough to drive home sober. Be honest about your limits—if you think you’ve had too much to drink, you probably have.

Plan first.

Make sure you have the number of a cab company, or have made arrangements for someone else to drive you home before you begin drinking.

Stay put after midnight.

Most DUI crashes take place between midnight and 3:00 a.m. If you are still out past this time, do not take the risk of driving home even if you are sober, as you are more likely to be struck by a drunk driver.

Drive sober--and alert!

The battle is only half-won if you’re leaving a party sober; there are still drunk drivers on the road between you and your home. Keep your eyes off your cell phone and on the road, staying hyper-alert for drunk drivers in your path.

Teach by example.

Younger drivers are more likely drive under the influence than any other age group. Make sure your children and their friends are aware of the risks—and potential penalties—of driving drunk, and follow the same rules you set for them.

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