People often do not realize the risk of injury or occupational illness they face every time they go to work. They may understand that jobs like construction work, factory work, and truck driving can be dangerous. However, they may not realize that other industries, such as office work, retail and fast food jobs, health care, and teaching, may be just as dangerous. Fortunately, they may be entitled to workers’ compensation for their medical bills and lost wages.

Eight Common Workplace Injuries

Many workplace accidents could be prevented if employers implemented government-required and common-sense safety practices. Until that happens, employees will continue to experience these injuries:

  • Overexertion. This is often rated as the most common injury workers suffer. It is caused when employees pull, push, lift, carry, or throw objects and can result in serious back injuries and sprained and torn muscles, tendons and ligaments.
  • Repetitive motion. Performing the same action over and over again—which workers must do in many professions—can result in shoulder, neck, arm, and wrist injuries and problems with vision. Carpel tunnel syndrome is the most common overuse injury workers experience.
  • Slip and falls. When debris, machine lubricants, and spilled drinks and food are not cleaned up properly or flooring is not maintained, workers can slip and fall when rushing to do their jobs. This can lead to serious head injuries, bone fractures, spinal cord damage, and sprained or torn ligaments.
  • Falls from heights. Workers can fall from roofs, high equipment, multi-level inventory stations, scaffolding, ladders, and down stairs, with tragic life-altering injuries or deaths.
  • Falling objects. When objects fall from shelves or pallets, forklifts, ladders, and upper-level work areas, employees can experience brain damage, fractures, neck injuries, and back injuries.
  • Vehicle accidents. These crashes can happen when workers are driving company vehicles—like trucks, vans, cars, tractors, forklifts, and heavy machinery—with deadly results for the workers.
  • Caught-between accidents. These accidents often occur in factories, warehouses, and construction sites when workers are caught between pieces of heavy machinery. They can suffer crushing injuries, amputations, lacerations, or death.
  • Assaults and violent acts. Attacks by fellow workers or criminals engaged in a crime are risks many employees face, especially as more disgruntled employees with mental health problems resort to violence.

Have You Been Injured On The Job?

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