Now that the weather has turned cooler, you may be wondering, “Do I need winter tires?” The answer depends on where you live, how much snow you get, and how much you drive.

Winter tires prevent Missouri auto accidents by helping you steer and avoid slipping in icy conditions, providing improved traction on snow and ice. The tread patterns are designed to dig into slippery surfaces, and the rubber used in snow tires is softer, so they can better conform to the surface of the road. Overall, snow tires provide a 25 to 75 percent increase in traction over all-weather tires because all-weather tires compromise traction in order to provide a smooth, quiet ride.

We get enough snow in Missouri to make snow tires worth considering. The increase in traction could prevent a Warrensburg traffic accident and possibly save your life.

If you decide snow tires are right for you, follow these tips from our Missouri car accident attorneys:
  1. Make sure all your tires are of equal size, type and tread. This is especially important if your car has front-wheel drive; mismatched rear wheels can lose traction on icy surfaces. 
  2. Check your owner’s manual for recommended tire size. Big tires may look tough, but they can rub against your suspension and fenders and make steering difficult. 
  3. Check your tire pressure. Tires lose about 1 p.s.i. each time the temperature drops 10 degrees. 
Of course, there are more ways to get ready for winter driving than changing your tires. Our website has information on how to prepare your car for winter, how to create a roadside emergency kit, and what to do if you are stranded in a snowstorm.

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