At its 2012 annual meeting, the Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA) updated its policies on distracted and drugged driving. The GHSA is urging states that have not adopted laws consistent with its policies to enact such laws as soon as possible. Our Kansas City accident injury attorneys think that those who live and work in our community should understand the GHSA safe driving recommendations and whether Kansas and Missouri laws comply with those recommendations.

Current KS and MO Laws Are Not Consistent With the 2012 GHSA Distracted Driving Recommendations

The GHSA is now recommending that states ban handheld cell phones for all drivers. The GHSA believes that banning the use of cell phones entirely may be easier to enforce than texting and driving bans and that the laws will send a clear message that cell phone use while driving is dangerous. Currently, Kansas and Missouri do not have laws in place that ban handheld cell phones for all drivers.

Current KS and MO Laws Are Not Consistent With the 2012 GHSA Drugged Driving Recommendations

The GHSA not only strengthened its distracted driving recommendations but also the drugged driving recommendations. In 2012, the GHSA announced that it supports drugged driving per se laws, or zero tolerance laws. A drugged driving per se law means that a driver can be charged with drugged driving for having certain drugs in his or her system. Kansas and Missouri do not currently have drugged driving per se laws in place.

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