Check Your Shopping List...Check it Twice For These Dangerous Toys!

During this holiday shopping season, there are toys that top wish lists, toys that will be in short supply, and toys for which some parents are willing to lay down a small fortune in order to secure for their children.  Unfortunately, there will also be those toys that make the “most dangerous toys” lists.

This year’s list was recently released by the U.S. Public Interest Research Group.  The list examines popular toys and reports of in department store chains, national toy stores, and dollar store chains. Concerned parents can help protect children from dangerous products by filling out product registration cards at the time of purchase, which will provide the manufacturer with contact information when and if a recall is issued.

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Choking Hazards

Magnetic toys continue to pose a threat to small children.  High-powered magnets are especially dangerous, not just in terms of choking but once swallowed; these magnets can cause severe internal injury.  Magnets that become lodged in internal organs, like the intestines or the stomach, will cause tears or blockages when pulled to another magnet that has been swallowed.  Magnets result in hundreds of emergency room visits each year.

Here are a few other examples of dangerous toys that made the list for the choking hazards they pose:

  1.  Just Like Home Super Food Play Set (120 piece count)
  2. Pull Back dragster cars by Z Wind Ups
  3. Kole Imports’ Magnetic Fishing Game
  4. Water Balloon Launcher by Water Sports, LLC
  5. P’Kolino Playful Xylophone

Lead or Toxicity Hazard

These products contain high levels of lead or other toxins.  High levels of lead in toys poses significant risk to children and can cause learning disabilities, serious illness, and death.  While huge recalls of lead based toys over the past few years have helped bring awareness to the problems with toxic toys, there are still products out there that pose a risk to young children.

  1.  MorphBot by GreenBrier International, Inc.
  2. Dora the Explorer backpack by Global Design Concepts


Eye Injury and Other Injury (Puncture Wounds, Impact Injury, etc.)

The following products can cause eye injuries in young children.

  1.  Prime Toys, Inc. Quick Fire dart gun (12 shot)
  2. The Avengers Gamma Green Smash Fists
  3. Power Rangers Super Samurai Shogun Helmet
  4. Inflatable Bongo Ball
  5. Spinner Shark 4-wheel Knee Board from Fusion NextSport

These toys do not belong on your shopping list this holiday season!  

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