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Four Things to Think About Before Returning to Work After a Grand Boulevard Motorcycle Crash

You were approaching Crown Center via Grand Boulevard with many things on your mind, the very least of which may have been getting hurt in a motorcycle crash. However, whatever you planned to do in Crown Center never happened. Whatever was on your mind was no longer important the moment that your motorcycle and another vehicle collided.

Now You Have a Whole New Set of Worries

Whatever filled your days prior to your motorcycle accident likely took a backseat to your motorcycle accident recovery in the days immediately following your crash. However, as the days pass your everyday concerns must be thought about. Often, returning to work is a big concern for motorcycle accident victims.

Are You Ready?

It is important that you don’t return to work too soon. If you do then you could jeopardize your recovery. Therefore, before you go back to your regular job it is important to:

  • Talk to your doctor – Do not go back to work unless you have medical clearance.
  • Think about your workday – Will any of your job responsibilities be impacted by your injuries?
  • Think about the end of the workday – Will you make any of your injuries worse by doing your job?
  • Consider why you are going back to work – Are you feeling pressure from your employer or financial pressure? Are you truly well enough to return to your daily routine?

Think about these things. Talk to your doctor, your family, and your lawyer before you make any decisions.

Want to Know More?

Are you afraid that you are going to make a decision that interferes with your fair recovery? You don’t have to be afraid. Instead, please read our FREE KC Biker’s Bible to learn what you can do to protect your rights. We also invite you to follow us on Facebook for up-to-date information that affects bikers in the greater Kansas City area.


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