"I was badly injured in a car accident and the doctors weren't able to identify or fix my problem. I was in a horrible pain and couldn't even pick up my children. I was really in a bad situation and because they couldn't diagnose my problem, I was being offered almost nothing for my injuries.

James took control of the situation. He encouraged me to get a second opinion. A specialist found that my problem was a herniated disc in my neck, not what they had originally thought. I got the surgery I needed and now I am pain free and able to be the mom I was before the accident. James filed the lawsuit and then took the case to mediation, and I couldn't be happier with the way everything turned out. The financial recovery was so important after all I had been through - my medical expenses, wage loss and so many other losses. But the help James gave me to get back on my feet so I could physically be there for my family is what I appreciate the most. He took a situation that could have ended very badly and really came through for my family in a big way. His experience and caring helped me resolve my injuries and get the compensation I deserved.  

At the outset, James offered to meet downtown or a closer location in Overland Park. The Overland Park was closer for me and I loved being able to get to a closer location instead of having to travel downtown. My first meeting with James I was very pleased. He was very knowledgeable, he is very matter of fact, this is what might happen, this is what he would need from me, and very informative. I had no hesitations choosing James' firm. I was very confident that he would be able to handle my case.  

I enjoyed working with James. He was very upbeat, very lighthearted, and very factual. He knew exactly what he needed to know and he was always one step ahead of the game. James was very knowledgeable and he almost knew exactly what the other opponents were going to do before they even knew. When he knew it was critical for me to be at a certain meeting, he made sure I was there, and I was very pleased with the way that he handled a lot of the situations.   

I was very impressed with the staff, every time I would call the office, the lady that would answer the phone basically knew me, knew my name before I even said my name, just because she recognized my voice, and that made me feel like they actually cared. It was very like family in a sense and I really liked that feeling that the company gave me.  

I was very pleased with the results that James was able to get for me. It was a very difficult case and he went one step above and beyond and I was able to come out ahead and get exactly what we were asking for so I was very pleased that we didn't have to accept anything less then what we deserved.  

I would highly recommend James as an attorney. He is highly motivated, he has a lot of energy to get the job done, he doesn't take no for an answer, and if he finds a rut in the road he will find a way to get through it and he won't stop until he does. There is no question that goes unturned, or anything overlooked, he digs deep, he knows everything, he will get to know you better than you know you, which is good because you need someone to know every aspect of your case in order to get everything that you deserve from it.  

James made the lawsuit process very easy, because I was basically the child in this situation, he took my hand and showed me through everything that I needed to do. He took it one step at a time; he made sure I checked in with my doctors, wanted to know how everything went. James guided me through the whole process. I didn't have to think of anything, he did all the thinking for me.  

I believe James is a very caring person in general. He cared about my case, he cares about you, he cares about your family, and he cares about every aspect of your life. He doesn't look at the case; he looks at everything that the case involves.  

James was very aggressive with my case. When something needed to be done he made sure it got done. He's not a procrastinator, by no means; it's not even in his vocabulary. If anything, he is always ahead of the game and takes one step further than you think he should take. As for legal knowledge, he knows exactly what he is talking about. At the negotiation for our settlement, James was hardcore. He takes your case very personally and he fights for you no matter what. Even when it comes down to the nitty gritty of the back and forth through the mediation - they say this, we say that - he doesn't ever settle for what the opponent says, and if anything he asks for more, he never goes backwards. James will fight to the end for what you deserve and need out of your settlement.   I loved working with James. He is very personable, friendly, and easy to talk. He always has a smile on his face, never negative or anything. He's always optimistic and upbeat.  

James is very dedicated and a hard worker. My case personally took five years and he never gave up one step of the way. He was always looking to make sure that everything was taken care of properly and I was getting the care I deserved and had everything taken care of.  

I was very satisfied with the results that James was able to get during our mediation, my compensation. All my medical bills were taken care of and all the money I'd lost, my wages were taken care of, and when it came down to mediation he always had my best interest at heart. If I was willing to settle for a certain amount, he was like "no, we're going to go for more," and I was basically told to be quiet a few times and let him do his job, so he does fight for you, even farther than you would fight for yourself, and you want someone like that in your corner that won't just give in when you decide to give in. He goes one step farther and always has your best interest at heart.  

I would definitely recommend James as an attorney for any accident you might have or any personal injury. He's very knowledgeable, he's very personable, and takes to heart everything that you are fighting for. He doesn't look at it as a business. He looks at as it's personal its not business. He will fight for you every step of the way and I would recommend James to anyone that came and asked me for advice.  

I totally trusted James in every aspect of his practice. Personally, he is very open. He gets to know you on a personal level and you get to know him on a personal level, so its like you get to be talking to one of your best friends. I trusted James wholeheartedly. He is very trustworthy. He gets to know you on a personal level and he lets you get to know him on a personal level, so you feel like family.  

James knew what the attorneys, the opposing counsel, would be looking for and wanting to know, and he made sure all of our bases were covered. He always was one step ahead of the game. He never wanted to have to come up with an answer for anyone. He wanted them to answer to him, so he was always one step ahead of everyone else. James is very punctual in getting back with you. If you call him he is quick to return or have one of his staff members call and return your email or your phone call.  

James' staff is very responsive. If you call, there is always someone there to answer the phone. You never have to listen to a recording, they will get your question taken care of very quickly, and if they have to get back with you they get back with you that day.  

James always kept me up to date on my case. My case in particular was a lot of medical and doctor visits and he always was checking up on me to make sure I went to those doctor visits and what the outcome of the doctor visits were and when my next appointment was going to be and usually he would always give me a call a few days before my appointment. He was like the doctor, reminded me to go to the doctor's appointment, and reminded me to remind him when I went and what the results were. So he always kept on top of you and it was very nice to have someone else there to make sure you got done everything that you needed to get done.  

If he didn't like what I said, he would tell me exactly how he felt. He was very honest with me if I said something to him that he didn't agree with. He is very voiceful and will definitely speak his mind to agree or disagree with you, and in my case he did that a few times with me. He will always put his best foot forward and has your best interests at heart."

-- Diana S.

James Roswold
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James Roswold is a Kansas & Missouri personal injury, workers comp, and medical malpractice attorney.