Motorcyclists have a reputation for being risk takers.  It is true that some KS motorcycle accident deaths do occur because the rider was drunk, distracted, reckless, aggressive, or not wearing a helmet. However, these deaths are not the majority.  The number one factor in motorcycle accident death is drivers of cars.
Our motorcycle accident lawyers in Overland Park, KS have extensive experience working with motorcycle accident injury victims.  Motorcyclists are not surrounded by steel and airbags; they have little protection in the event of an accident.  For this reason, injuries to motorcyclists tend to be severe. Our Kansas motorcycle accident attorneys have seen firsthand the damage that a car can do to the body of a motorcyclist and we urge all drivers to use caution when sharing the road with motorcyclists.
Often, drivers of cars that are involved in motorcycle accidents say that they just didn't see the motorcycle.  Motorcycles are small and easy to overlook. Motorcyclists often wear bright colors and reflective materials in order to increase their chances of being seen.  But drivers also need to do their part to avoid car-motorcycle crashes.
  Here are some tips from our motorcycle accident lawyers in Overland Park, KS:
1. Check your blind spots. Motorcycles are much smaller than cars and can disappear in a larger vehicle's blind spots.  Always double check your blind spots before changing lanes.

2. Motorcycles are usually closer than they appear.  Because the size difference between motorcycles and cars, motorcycles appear to be further away than they actually are.  The small size also makes it hard to judge a motorcycle's speed. Use caution when sharing the road with motorcyclists.
3. Increase your following distance.  Because motorcyclists slowdown by downshifting rather than braking, you may not see a brake light.  So, give the motorcyclist some space, especially if the roads are wet.
4. Expect the motorcyclist to change lanes.  Wind, road debris, and road damage such as potholes that pose no danger to cars and their drivers may be deadly to motorcyclists. Motorcyclists will change lanes to adjust to obstacles and to make themselves more visible.

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