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August 28, 2018

This Saturday marked KAIA’s sixth bike giveaway for Bikes for Kids! Sophia Stephenson, age 12, has still been experiencing pain from a brain injury that occurred almost one year ago.

In late September of 2017, Sophia bumped her head on a Girl Scouts trip. At first, the doctor’s thought it was a mild concussion. As it turns out, Sophia has a brain injury that is still affecting her today.

“Not one day pain free [since the accident]”, said Sophia’s mother, “She has been poked with countless needles and has spent the whole summer visiting doctors and specialists. She has not been able to be a kid…We just want to see her smile again.” Sophia’s doctor even recommended bike riding to help increase blood flow to the brain.

Sophia’s parents also talked about how selfless and generous she is. “She never thinks of herself. She could open up a brand-new birthday present and say, ‘So who would like this?’ Then try to give it away,” said Sophia’s mother. After reading Sophia’s nomination, we knew she would be the perfect Bikes for Kids candidate.

KCAIA surprised Sophia with a stylish, baby blue bike, a lock and a helmet on Saturday morning.

Kansas City Accident Injury Attorneys' Bikes For Kids

Kansas City Accident Injury Attorneys Bikes For Kids

The Bikes for Kids program provides one bicycle to a deserving child each week of summer, until late September. Bikes for Kids is asking parents, teachers, caregivers, and loved ones to recognize a child who has made a difference in the life of someone else by nominating them to receive a free bicycle from Midwest Cyclery, compliments of Kansas City Accident Injury Attorneys.

Midwest Cyclery will be donating a helmet and a lock to each winner. While there are no specific guidelines on what makes a nominee deserving of a new bike, we encourage nominators to think about any kind things that the child has done for others, or how the child has positively impacted his or her family, friends, community, or classroom.

To nominate a child in your life, visit

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