You always wear your leathers, use your lights, and signal your actions before making any maneuvers—in short, you’re a safe and responsible motorcycle rider. But what happens when a road designer doesn’t show the same level of care and responsibility when it comes to your safety?

Poor Road Design May Have Caused Your Kansas City Motorcycle Crash

Engineers who design Kansas City roadways are supposed to ensure that a road layout is safe for all kinds of users and vehicles. If a design element is overlooked or is not placed properly along the route, the road may be unnecessarily dangerous and put bikers at unreasonable risk. For example, a car may be able to travel up a steep incline that follows a hill, but a biker will need much more time to slow down in order to avoid flipping the bike and flying over the handle bars.

Here are a few road defects that have caused serious motorcycle crashes in the past:

  • Bends and shoulders. Every biker has experienced that white-knuckle moment of trying to make it around a blind curve, only to be met with an oncoming driver who wasn’t in his lane. Not only is it impossible to see traffic ahead and obstacles in the road, there is often not adequate shoulder room on the side of the road to avoid an accident.
  • Guardrail problems. Many motorcycle crashes have been caused as an oncoming driver crashed through a missing guardrail, or as a lack of a guardrail sent them careening into a steep ravine.
  • Lighting issues. Road designers must place adequate lighting at regular intervals so that cars and motorcyclists are able to see the condition of the road, as well as obstacles in the travel lane.
  • Narrow lanes. Lanes that narrow suddenly or without warning can force vehicles too close together, making it more likely that riders in opposing lanes will collide. These lanes may also overlook problems between the narrowing roadway and median, such as when the biker’s front wheel gets stuck in the groove next to the median on Armour Road.
  • Improper warnings. If known road hazards are present, road designers have a duty to place warning signs and signals to give motorcyclists adequate time to react.

Unfortunately, many motorcyclists have trouble getting justice when they file an injury claim. 

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