It's November. The weather includes rain, wind, fog, and even snow is possible. The roads are slick both from rain and wet leaves. It is getting dark at 5:00, so there are more deer out and more late night shoppers. Is it any wonder that Missouri car accident rates soar in the fall?

As it gets closer to winter, it is important to adjust your driving habits to accommodate bad weather, low visibility, and slick roads. Here are some tips from our Blue Springs, MO auto accident lawyers:

9 Fall Driving Tips
  1. Wear your seat belt.
  2. Allow extra time to travel when the weather is bad or there is low visibility.
  3. Increase your following distance to allow for road hazards.
  4. If it is foggy and hard to see, slow down. Increase your following distance and turn on your fog lights.
  5. Use your rear fog lights only when visibility is less than 50 yards; otherwise, you may blind drivers behind you.
  6. Avoid distractions. Never use a cell phone while driving or engage in any activity that takes your attention off the road. 
  7. Watch for deer. If you see a deer, slow down and turn on your hazard lights so other drivers can see you.
  8. If you use snow tires, you may want to consider putting them on your car before the flakes fall. They are effective for preventing skids on slippery leaves. 
  9. If your car starts to skid, gently pump your brakes and straighten the wheel. If your wheels lock while you are braking, release the brake for a moment in order to regain steering.

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