Botox can now do more than just fill in the fine lines on your face. It can be used to help spinal cord injury victims regain control of their bladders. The poison has been FDA approved to treat bladder urgency.

An overactive and/or leaky bladder is common among spinal cord injury victims. In fact, 60 to 80 percent of spinal cord injury victims have trouble controlling their bladder but injecting Botox into the bladder causes the muscles to relax which allows for more space for urine storage. The injection can last up to nine months.

Allergan, the leading manufacturer of Botox, is working hard to gain approval to market Botox as a treatment for idiopathic overactive bladder.

"This approval of Botox is an important milestone in Allergan's commitment to develop and make available novel treatment options for urologists and their patients," Allergan's chief scientific officer, Scott Whitcup, said.

Spinal cord injuries affect approximately 250,000 Americans. A recent study shows that car accidents are the leading cause for spinal cord injuries. Spinal cord injury victims could have a full recovery or could be completely and permanently paralyzed.  Damage to the spinal cord could be life-altering. This medical breakthrough could allow sufferers some kind of control over their life that they haven’t had since their accident.

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