One of the most common injuries in a Parkville car crash is a broken bone. Some of the most serious broken bones include sternum and/or rib fractures, pelvis fracture, or skull fracture. Some other serious and very painful fractures include those to the femur, collarbone, neck, ankle and spinal cord. Spinal cord injuries that involve broken bones are often crushed vertebrae. Broken bone injuries from car crashes often need surgery to fix because the bone may be crushed or broken in numerous places.

Our car accident attorneys have extensive experience handling claims for car crashes that resulted in broken bones. For example, we worked with a settlement for a child with multiple fractures due to a car collision. Not only did the child have nine broken bones, but he also had internal organ injuries. Some of the bones involved included the bones in the lower leg. Both were fractured in both legs, and the patient also suffered collarbone and arm fractures. We were able to help get a mindblowing settlement amount to cover his medical bills and damages. This boy did not have broken wrists and hands, but these are also common in car crashes.

How To Decipher Broken Bone Medical Terms

It is important to know medical terminology in relation to broken bone injuries. This may help you in dealing with the insurance company and the physician.

  • Oblique fractures are diagonal fractures not in a straight line. This can happen if bones twist over the top of a bone that is stuck in place. This can happen in a Parkville car crash but it is an uncommon type of bone fracture.
  • Buckle fractures are also known as incomplete or torus fractures. This kind of injury is common for children involved in car collisions. Buckle fractures occur when a piece of the bone separates or buckles but is an incomplete break.
  • Transverse fractures are normally caused by direct force to the bone. It will break into two separate pieces and goes exactly across the bone at a 45 degree angle to the long alignment of the bone.
  • Hairline fractures are tiny little cracks in a bone but not a complete fracture. This is the one type of fracture that you might not notice you have after a Parkville car crash because it’s usually pretty minor.
  • Greenstick fractures are an interesting phenomenon that usually happens to just kids. However anyone can get one of these. This resembles a buckle fracture, but when the bone is under pressure one side of it cracks, but the other side bends. Kids are more prone to this because they have softer bones. An adult condition of soft bones is called osteomalacia. These patients may also have this type of fracture.
  • Compound fractures happen when the bone breaks through the skin and sticks out. This one is one of the most alarming because it looks scary and there is more risk of problems. For example the area could get infected or it could be much harder to repair.
  • Avulsion fractures sometimes need surgery because the fracture will pull off a ligament or tendon from the bone.
  • Comminuted fractures are also known as a crushed bone fracture. The bone must break into at least 3 pieces for it to be classified to this category. This type of fracture is extremely hard to treat. A vehicle accident causes brute force which could cause this type of broken bone.

Injuries To The Spinal Cord Caused By Car Accidents

About half of all spinal cord injuries are a result of car accidents. The spinal cord can be fractured or  dislocated because of the direct and sudden force of a vehicle wreck. The fractures can occur anywhere on the spine including the vertebrae disks, back, neck, and tailbone areas. Spinal injuries can cause paralysis of the upper, lower, or entire body, spinal cord compression, and fractured vertebra. Other complications include loss of sensation, inability to control muscle movement, or the addition of pain to another part of the body.

Our Parkville personal injury attorneys understand the effect of these injuries on your life. You may need rehab and long term treatment. We know how to discuss evidence with your physician to establish how he or she thinks you will do with treatment.

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