When a driver loses control of his vehicle, one of the scariest and possible deadliest things that can happen is for the vehicle to go into a spin. The Buchanan County, MO auto accident lawyers at Kansas City Accident Injury Attorneys explain the causes of rotational collision and what you can do to stop your vehicle from spinning.
What are the causes of rotational collisions?
"Rotational collision" is a term that refers to any accident that involves a spinning vehicle. Hydroplaning is the number one cause of rotational accidents Hydroplaning occurs when a thin layer of water develops between a car's tires and the road causing a loss of traction that makes the vehicle unresponsive to steering and braking. 

Other common causes of rotational collisions include:

  • Tire blowouts

    Icy and wet roads

    Road defects

    Car crashes

What happens during a rotational collision?

As the vehicle spins, objects inside the vehicle also spin.  As the driver and any passengers repeatedly hit the surfaces of the vehicle, any loose items can fly around the cabin causing additional injury.  Rotational collisions often cause internal injuries, traumatic brain injury, neck injury, spine injury and death.
There is danger outside the vehicle, too.  A vehicle can spin across lanes of traffic causing additional crashes.  It may spin into fence posts, barriers, light poles or trees before coming to a final stop. 
What can I do if my vehicle starts to spin?

Spins can be avoided by controlling speed especially on wet or icy roads and avoiding over steering and hard braking.  If your vehicle starts to spin:

1.Remain calm
2.Avoid jerking the wheel or slamming on the breaks
3.Gently steer into the spin
4.As you steer try to regain control of the vehicle

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