How many times have you commented on the poor condition of Kansas City roads? From loose gravel on I-70 to potholes along I-635, nearly every stretch of road is in need of some kind of repair. While you can understand that the city may not have the funds to fix every bridge and city street, it seems like only a matter time before one of these oversights is going to cost someone’s life—especially if they are struck by two wheels instead of four.

Motorcycles Are at Particular Risk of Crashes Caused by Defective Roads

When a car hits a pothole, the occupants may be shaken or annoyed, but the worst that will usually happen is a broken axle. However, when a motorcycle hits a pothole, it is likely that the bike will flip forward, lose control, or slide off of the roadway on to its side—any one of which can prove fatal for the rider.

Here are a few more road hazards that can cause serious or fatal injuries for motorcyclists:

  • Harsh seams in pavement. While it would be impossible to construct roads without seams, there should be little to no difference in road levels after construction is complete.
  • Uneven gravel. It’s not only paved roads that pose a danger to bikers. Gravel roads that have been allowed to go unfilled or unleveled after snow and rain can cause bikers’ front wheels to slide out from under them.
  • Railroad crossings. All railroad tracks should be optimized for motor travel at crossings, and the crossing should be clearly marked—even if the tracks are no longer in use.
  • Grooves in the roadway. Many construction machines can leave grooves or tracks on the surface of the road, but these should be cleared at the end of construction to avoid bikers’ wheels becoming trapped in the wheel ruts.
  • Poor design. If a road has been poorly designed, such as with blind corners, or steep drop-offs with no guardrails, you may be able to seek compensation from the government entity in charge of the road.

Bikers who have suffered serious injuries as a result of motorcycle accidents caused by road defects may be able to file a lawsuit against the city or state responsible for the roadway. However, you will likely face opposition simply because you ride a motorcycle. 

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