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Fall Driving? Our Cass County Auto Accident Lawyer Warns, “Watch Out For Deer”

It's fall and that means that your chances of hitting a deer have dramatically increased.

Deer cause more than 30,000 Missouri car crashes each year. An accident involving a deer causes an average of $3,171 in property damage, but a collision with a deer can do more than damage your car. Deer-car collisions can cause serious injury and even death.

As the weather gets cooler, it is important that you take precautions to avoid Missouri deer-car crashes. Our Cass County, MO auto accident lawyers offer these tips:
  1. Deer crossing signs or wooded stretches mean that there is a high likelihood of deer in the area. Slow down and watch for deer in these areas.
  2. Buckle up. If you hit a deer, your seat belt may protect you from serious injury.
  3. Use your high beams for night driving. This will increase your ability to see the sides of the road. Remember to turn off your high beams when another car approaches you.
  4. If you see a deer, slow down and come to a stop. Don't swerve; swerving could cause you to lose control of your vehicle or crash into another car.
  5. After you stop, put on your hazard lights and wait for the deer to move out of your path. Try not to honk or otherwise startle the deer. The deer may jump towards your car rather than away.
  6. Deer travel in groups, so if you see one deer, watch for more.
Of course, if you hit a deer in Cass County, MO you cannot sue the deer for compensation if (even if the animal is at fault). However, some deer-related accidents are caused by drivers. Some drivers see a deer and swerve to prevent a collision with the animal. Other drivers follow too closely so they don't have time to brake when a driver slows down for wildlife in the road. These actions can lead to serious Missouri car accidents.

When another driver's reaction to a deer leaves you injured, you should consult with the Kansas City Accident Injury Attorneys at 888-348-2616. You can also learn what to do if you are injured in a Missouri highway accident by requesting our free guide, 10 Essential Steps You Must Take To Protect Your Injury Claim.
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