If a person suffers an open head injury in a car accident, it is often immediately obvious. Open head injuries involve a puncture of the skull. As a result, the victim is often bleeding profusely. Unfortunately, however, it may not be readily apparent to the naked eye just how truly life-threatening this type of injury can be. Victims may be entitled to compensation for losses occurring as a result of their brain injury.

4 Reasons Open Head Injuries Are Extremely Serious

Open head injuries occur when there is a trauma to the head and the skull is punctured. If the object exits the head in a different spot, this is known as a perforating open head injury. Open head injuries are extremely serious for many reasons, including the following:

  1. When the skull is pierced, bone fragments from the skull can hit sensitive brain tissue. This may lead to further damage.
  2. Since a penetrating head injury involves an open wound, victims are in further danger if the area becomes contaminated. This can lead to a severe infection.
  3. Open head injuries may lead to bleeding in the brain, also known as intracranial hematoma.
  4. Open head injuries are prone to several types of complications. These dangerous complications may include dementia, paralysis, seizure, coma, and even death.

After a car accident involving any type of injury, it is important to seek immediate medical attention. There are many different types of brain injuries, and some may not become obvious until after seeking treatment from a knowledgeable medical professional. Brain injuries often result in significant physical, emotional, and financial strain for victims and their families. 

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