Following a car accident, victims may be left with any number of injuries, varying in severity from mild to severe. One injury that victims may suffer from is known as a diffuse axonal brain injury, a type of brain injury that may have long-lasting effects on victims. The end result may be that a car accident victim is unable to return to work, while at the same time facing mounting medical and rehabilitation costs. It is important for victims of this type of injury to act quickly in order to protect their legal rights.

Six Facts About Diffuse Axonal Brain Injuries Caused by Car Accidents

Ready to learn more about this frightening injury that can occur after a car accident? The following are six important facts about diffuse axonal brain injuries:

  1. Car accidents often lead to diffuse axonal brain injuries that are caused by shaking or a strong rotation of the head.
  2. When this shaking or strong rotation occurs, the brain does not move and lags behind the movement of the skull. As a result, the brain structures can tear.
  3. When a diffuse axonal injury occurs, extensive tearing of the nerve tissue throughout the brain results. This tearing can then compound the effect of the injury by causing brain chemicals to be released.
  4. When nerve tissue in the brain tears, it disrupts the brain’s regular communication and chemical processes.
  5. Diffuse axonal brain injuries can result in temporary or widespread brain damage, coma, and even death.
  6. Diffuse axonal brain injuries can also result in numerous types of functional disabilities. The specific type that may impact a victim varies based upon where the tearing occurs in the brain.

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