When motorcyclists take to the road, they must share it with larger cars and trucks. Unfortunately, these other vehicles can present significant risks to the motorcyclists. One of the most common types of motor vehicle accidents involves a car that is attempting to make a left-hand turn. When these cars collide with a motorcycle, the risk of serious injury is high. Victims may be entitled to compensation from the motorist that made the left-hand turn and caused the accident.

Three Scenarios That Lead to Left-Hand Turn Motorcycle Crashes

According to a study by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), left-hand turns were the most common type of event that preceded crashes evaluated in the study. Left-hand turn accidents may be even more likely to involve motorcyclists, since it may be difficult for the driver of the car to detect the smaller oncoming motorcycle. The following are three examples of situations where a left-hand turn can lead to a car and motorcycle collision:

  • While the motorcyclist is traveling straight through an intersection and the car driver attempts to make a left turn.
  • While the motorcyclist is passing the car, and the car driver does not see the motorcyclist and attempts to make a left turn.
  • While the motorcyclist is traveling in a straight path and the car driver in the opposite lane attempts to make a turn across oncoming traffic.

Fortunately for victims, cars making left-hand turns are often at fault for an accident involving a motorcycle. This means that the victim may have the ability to pursue a claim for compensation for the losses suffered in the accident. These losses may include lost income, medical bills, rehabilitation costs, property damage, and emotional pain and suffering. In order to increase the likelihood of success following such an accident, it is critical that motorcyclists take the proper actions. 

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