Road debris refers to anything that doesn't belong on the road: tread from blown-out truck tires; trees, branches, and telephone wires knocked down by storms; natural objects such as leaves or stones; garbage; cargo and objects that fall off the back of trucks; even car parts.
Sources of road debris:


Driver negligence

  • Improper vehicle maintenance
  • Negligent road maintenance
  • Failure to Secure Cargo
  • Storms

There are several ways road debris accidents can occur:

  • Flying debris can hit the windshield and shatter it causing injury to those in the vehicle.
  • A driver may hit debris in the road and lose control of his vehicle.
  • A driver may cause an accident when he swerves or brakes to avoid debris.
  • Road debris and debris falling from vehicles causes about 25,000 of accidents every year. These crashes occur on highways, rural roads and even parking lots and they often result in serious and even fatal injuries

Who is responsible for Missouri road debris accidents:

  •  Drivers
  • Trucking companies
  • State, county or city highway departments

Drivers must ensure that any load they carry is properly secured and will not pose a danger to others. If an object falls off their vehicle, the driver may liable for any injuries that the object causes. If cargo falls off a truck, the trucking company may share responsibility for the road debris accident.
Drivers are also responsible for paying attention to their surroundings. If a driver is distracted or traveling too fast for road conditions, he may cause an accident after hitting debris in the road. If the accident could have been avoided had the driver been using proper caution, he may found partially liable for any injuries to himself or to others.
State, county and local highway departments may also be liable for road debris crash injuries. The agency that is responsible for maintaining the safety of a road must respond to reports of debris in a timely manner. If a Cass County, MO auto accident lawyer can prove that the agency in charge of road maintenance should have known about the road debris condition and had adequate time to clean it up or post warning signs, then the agency may be found liable.

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