What is a rear-end car crash?
A rear-end collision is a traffic accident where one vehicle crashes into the vehicle in front of it.  Rear-end accidents are often caused by tail-gating, driver inattention, or panic stops. Rear-end accidents are the second most common type of car crash in Missouri.
Why do rear-end accidents occur?
Most Missouri rear-end accidents occur because a driver does not allow enough following distance.  If a car is following too close and the driver in front of him has to suddenly stop for a red light or a pedestrian, the car that is following may not have enough time to brake and may crash into the car in front of him.
Experts suggest that you leave one car length of following distance for every ten miles of speed.  If you are travelling at 30 miles per hour, there should be three car lengths between your vehicle and the car you are following.
What kind of injuries result from rear-end accidents?
Rear-end accidents are likely to cause neck injuries, especially whiplash and disc herniation. Back seat passengers can sustain more serious injuries and are more likely to be killed in a rear-end collision.
Who is at fault for my Missouri rear-end accident?

Because rear-end accidents are usually caused by following to closely or driver inattention, in most cases, insurance companies consider the driver of the car that rear-ends the other car to be at fault.   There are some exceptions, for example a car may back into the front of your vehicle.  If you are accused of rear-ending, but believe the other driver is at fault, a Cass County, MO auto accident lawyer can help you determine if you have a Missouri injury claim.

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