Nothing is more precious than the sight of a loved one's smile or the sound of his or her voice.  How tragic it is to have experience that forever stolen in a car accident.  When a person experiences the loss of vision or hearing after a car accident, the loss is more than a serious injury.  It represents the loss of those precious experiences that many of us take for granted.
Hearing and vision loss can directly affect one's quality of life. Without vision or hearing, an accident victim may no longer be able to work at their job.  He may not be able to participate in favorite hobbies or activities, and he may have difficulty communicating. 
In addition to lost experiences, the loss of sight or hearing can be expensive.  Once the victim's injuries have been treated, he will need rehabilitation services in order to learn to perform everyday tasks without the missing senses.  This is no small matter; we rely on our senses for everything from getting dressed in the morning, to travelling to work, to cooking a meal.  
Once the accident victim has completed rehabilitation, he may need additional training in order to hold down a job.  He may also require adaptive equipment such as TDD telephones or screen readers.
The victim may also need counseling or psychological services to help with the psychological effects of the loss. Accident victims who lose their sight or hearing often experience severe depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, and anxiety
Who pays for the treatment, therapy and equipment?  
If you or a loved one has suffered hearing loss or vision loss in a Missouri car accident, contact the Clay County, MO auto accident lawyers at Kansas City Accident Injury Attorneys. 

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