Jim Gamon "After my wife had that accident we were considering how to approach this. We knew we needed a lawyer and we didn't really have any resources. This was the first time we had to actually use an attorney to handle this sort of thing. We had never been in a situation like this before. 

When we met James, he impressed me with his professionalism, his knowledge of what he was talking about, and his ability to convey confidence. You know that whole issue with confidence for me is extremely important. As he was talking with us it was clear he was very knowledgeable. He was not a reserved guy who would sit there and "yeah-yeah-yeah" to somebody. He impressed me with his forthrightness and his desire to see something right take place. Because it was our first time using this kind of service we were a little apprehensive, but with each communication that I had with him it made me feel more confident that we made the correct choice.

In the past I had been through some "go-rounds" with insurance companies having to do with other issues. I had learned through experience that if I am just going to approach the insurance company and try to get what I feel is fair I knew that I wasn't going to get anywhere. I had been in situations before without reaching out to an attorney. This time I felt I didn't want to have to arm wrestle with these people. I wanted someone to go to bat for me who was to going to stand up for us and get what we deserved.

He was always available. I regularly access email and internet services and he was always available when I sent him an e-mail or I called him, and if I didn't immediately access him with a phone call he would always call me back and that really made me feel good knowing that I could always have access to him. His staff was very good too ... courteous, prompt, always quick to return calls. We were very pleased.

My wife had problems health-wise because of a health incident a couple of years before that accident happened. She had an aorta clogged that caused all kinds of cascading problems in her ability to carry-on, and I remember when the doctor said "You can't really consider her to be a normal person any more because of her medical needs". And what happened with this accident was that her medical needs were greatly impacted by this accident and well that was one of the things that really concerned us about making sure we got good representation because we definitely needed it. There was no way in the world, I mean right a few days after the accident the insurance companies were basically washing their hands of the whole thing and we were left with quite a bit of expenses hanging out and so James gave us the confidence. We were moving forward with that and feeling like we were going to get this taken care of; it was not going to be the problem we envisioned it to be.

I have already told friends and relatives about you guys and what you did for us and James, to use a cliché, he is a real straight shooter. He lays it down for you and lets you know exactly what you have got going on and what he thinks of the case. He doesn't blow a lot of sunshine at you. He gives you a full dose of reality and then at the same time while he is doing all that it didn't feel like he was talking down to us. It didn't feel like we were getting somewhere until he tried to make us not feel discouraged - even though he was giving us a full dose of reality he was also letting us know that he was there to make this right and that he would make it right.

Like I said this was all new to me. I liked the way that he approached it with the, I guess you call it an attitude that...he knew how to handle these folks. He wasn't walking into it and scratching his head thinking "I wonder if this is going to work?" He had a real good picture in his head, he described it to us beforehand and sure enough it pretty much went the way he thought it was going to go. And that made us feel good.

I know he is a busy guy and he's got all kinds of other stuff going on but he never made us feel like our case wasn't as important as anybody else's. Like I say he was prompt to return our calls and give us answers to questions we had and to help us carry on with our heads held high knowing that this is going to get worked out.

There was one thing that I felt really good about him ... I felt like...when I was a little kid I was walking down the street with my little brother. We were both little, and a bunch of guys came up and jumped us. And my future brother-in-law just happened to be driving by at the time. He stopped and he parked across the street, and he came running across the street. Now, he wasn't much bigger than those guys and there were like 5 or 6 guys that were jumping us, but he came running. And I'm going to tell you the feeling you get when you see someone coming to your aid like that, that's how I felt when I was dealing with James. I felt like these insurance companies were ... just going to gang-up on us and yeah, you know you get this feeling like "where is the help going to come from, gee-whiz, I've got to reach out" and just like my future brother-in-law he saved the day for us, he really saved us. James, he stepped in and took care all of these problems for us you know. Our car insurance, we had the minimum liability and the medical coverage evaporated, and he really stepped in and made it right for us.

Anytime for me, anytime that I seek help from somebody, they've got to know what they are talking about, he knew in a matter-of-fact way and said this is going to happen, this is what we are going to do. He knew what was going on; yeah he made me feel like man this is right this is going to work out.

It felt like you know a guy like James has to be able to step out into that legal world and be respected. He can't be out there asking for some crazy stupid stuff and I felt like what he got for us was just and was right and was not overreaching. It felt like he did the right thing.

He is an enjoyable guy. He was personable. He didn't talk down to us he really made me feel like he was planning to serve us. He made us feel like we were equals. He wasn't talking down at all.

I think my level of trust becomes apparently when just the other day Joann M., she is not a relative she is a friend, we love her dearly, she lost her husband and before her husband passed away he asked me to please watch out for her, please help take care of her. I took it very seriously. I feel like Dan is still watching over us and of course watching over his wife and I feel like this is something that I wouldn't have steered her in James' direction if I didn't feel like he was really going to do her right, you know? And stand up for her and watch over her. Yeah I really look up to James.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share my feelings about James and your company. I appreciate it."

-- James G., husband of Rachael G.

James Roswold
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James Roswold is a Kansas & Missouri personal injury, workers comp, and medical malpractice attorney.