I was looking for a law firm that handles auto accident related claims, I was getting calls from insurance companies ... I talked to James over the phone and went over with him what was happening. He showed a sincere caring and empathy to my situation, what I was going through with the insurance company, and assured me that he would get in touch with them and I wouldn’t receive any more phone calls. I just felt comfortable, he gave me some clear direction and things that I needed to do, what to do, and what my legal rights were, so I felt some reassurance speaking with him on the phone. There was a lot of Q&A ... I had never been through anything like this before it was kind of scary with insurance companies wanting you to give sworn recorded statements and not knowing what you can and can’t do and what you should and shouldn’t do. So it was very informative. There were a lot of questions on my part, but James was able to answer all of them.


James made me feel as though he would go the extra mile for me. He told me some things about my legal rights and things that I should consider to be acceptable and not acceptable from where I stood about the circumstances, and so I just felt like he knew what he was doing and felt very comfortable. He came off very confident, to the point that that was the first automobile accident that I was involved in and I actually retained him for a second one a few years later that was also not my fault and had him handle that case for me as well.


What provoked me to call an attorney was when they started asking me detailed questions and wanted me to give a sworn statement over the phone, that’s when I ended the conversation and something told me not to do what they were telling me to do because the accident wasn’t my fault and I didn’t know why they would be wanting a sworn testimony from me and then when I talked to a friend and they said well you need to get an attorney and I went looking and that’s when I found them.


James was absolutely 100% correct when he said after the day he initially spoke with me over the phone on a consultation ... I gave him all the information, my insurance company, who it was that was calling me, the different questions I was being asked, and when he said I would not get any more phone calls it was 100% right on I never got another phone call from the insurance company after that.


Your staff was very friendly, very nice.


I was pleased with my results, on both occasions.


About your firm, you all are obviously very knowledgeable. I can speak to someone who has not been involved in an accident, my personal interaction with James was as a result of someone else’s negligence, giving me some very clear direction as far as what my legal rights were. I had no idea what my rights were, I would say that knowing how to give some good clear solid advice to clients is very important, especially when someone has never been involved in a situation like that, so that’s where I found him to be most beneficial to me.


James actually helped me locate some old MRI records, between the first accident and the second accident, your office helped me track two sets of old MRI’s.


James even communicated with me after the fact, asked me how my nonsmoking adventure was going. I’m still not smoking since April 1st, so I'm doing well.


He handled me very nicely because I can get easily agitated sometimes and he has a very good demeanor about him so I was completely satisfied.

He seemed very knowledgeable about the laws, rights.


He has an ability to stay calm, because that’s definitely where I would have come up a little short. Looking at things a little differently, even the angle in which my case was presented because of a potential pre-existing injury that the defense was trying to claim and I think the way that James presented that and went about it certainly helped my case and the whole mediation process.


He’s very personable, very friendly. He definitely tolerated my short-temperedness, which I have the ability to be sometimes.


He just always was very informative, if I e-mailed him and needed to get some information or an update he was quick to respond and I appreciate that. I’m somewhat of an impatient person so him taking the time to e-mail me really quick and give me a status update within a few minutes when I reached out to him, those little things like that meant a lot.


I would recommend him to others and have recommended him to others. There was a supervisor, one of my supervisors who was in an auto accident, and I was kind of giving her information that I remember James giving to me, some of that solid advice, and I gave her his phone number.

I think he did a great job for me, so if they are looking for somebody who has already had an experience with attorneys, I know when I started to go looking for one it was a very leery feeling for me, the trust issue, are they going to be out for your best interests, are they going to treat you like a number, are they just looking for a quick turnaround on things regardless of the situation, and I didn’t get that from James. There was ample time for anything that was going to come out injury-wise to come out. Everything was kept at a reasonable and respectful pace.


I definitely trust him, if I didn’t feel that he was trustworthy and not looking out for my best interests I certainly would not be recommending him to people that I have a relationship, friends, coworkers, that nature.


Sometimes his upfrontness actually would probably bring out my temper because it wasn’t what I wanted to hear necessarily but he was giving it to me like it really, truly was whether it was something that I wanted to hear or not. And knowing how I was, knowing my demeanor, he gave me that anyway, and I can respect that.


For someone new coming in, from a selection standpoint, James will do a great job, have patience and listen to James’ direction.

Kelli B.

James Roswold
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