Operating a motorcycle can present many dangers. However, perhaps the biggest risk to motorcyclists comes from the other parties with whom they are sharing the road. Drivers of larger vehicles such as cars and trucks must use extra caution in order to reduce the chance of an accident involving a motorcycle. When this caution is not exercised, the chances of a crash dramatically increase.

6 Ways Drivers of Cars and Trucks Cause Motorcycle Accidents

Some of the common causes of motorcycle accidents are triggered by the errors or neglect of motorists, including the following:

  1. Ignoring or forgetting the rights of motorcyclists. Drivers of motorcycles are entitled to the same privileges as other motorists. For example, they are entitled to the use of a full lane width while traveling.
  2. Forgetting that motorcycles are more difficult to see than other types of vehicles. Drivers of cars and trucks need to make an extra effort to keep an eye out for motorcycles.
  3. Treating motorcycles like cars. It is more difficult to judge the speed and distance of approaching motorcycles than it is for other types of vehicles and drivers need to adjust for this difference.
  4. Neglecting to use traffic signals when merging or changing lanes. This leaves the motorcyclist with less time and ability to anticipate the flow of traffic and find a safe position within the lane.
  5. Ignoring blind spots. Motorcycles are smaller vehicles and can easily be caught in a vehicle’s blind spot. For this reason, other motorists have a responsibility to check for motorcycles before entering or leaving traffic and at intersections.
  6. Failing to allow a safe distance of at least three or four seconds between the motor vehicle and the motorcycle. This gives the motorcyclist enough time take evasive measures.

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