Did you know that each year more than 20,000 highway workers are injured in road construction work zones accidents?  In 2008, 101 workers died in road construction site accidents. Half of these deaths occurred when the worker was run over or backed over by a vehicle.  Another 17% (almost one-fifth) of fatalities occurred from road construction zone traffic accidents.
It is not surprising that highway and street construction workers risk being injured by in a motor vehicle accident while at work at a street/highway construction jobsite.  There is danger from cars and trucks passing through and near the work zone, as well as from construction vehicles and equipment within the work zone.  
Dangers facing road construction workers include:
• Construction trucks that block the view of other drivers
• Improper warning signs
• Lack of flagmen
• Distracted Drivers, Reckless Drivers
• Broken or improperly maintained equipment
• Lack of safety training
Examples of Missouri work zone traffic accidents:
• A 24-year-old female asphalt roller operator was crushed to death in Missouri when a 10-ton asphalt roller rolled over her. It was her first resurfacing project.  At the time of the accident, she had only 30 hours experience operating the roller on street repairs. The woman’s job was to compress the freshly poured asphalt, working around a driveway to a private business.  As she tried to drive the roller back onto the main road it slipped off the slope. The roller slid toward a small ditch and rolled over on its side. The victim was struck by the Roll Over Protective Structure.
• A 60-year-old male job-site foreman died from multiple injuries after he was struck by an oil distributor truck while working on a rural county road chip-and-seal project in Missouri. As the victim was instructing the crew, an oil distributor truck rolled backwards and struck and pinned the victim against the front of another piece of equipment. The parking break had not been set on the oil distributor truck.

• A 47-year-old county highway department worker was crushed when the dump trailer and truck he was directing tipped over onto him. There was an uneven weight distribution on the trailer which caused the trailer to tip. As the trailer tipped, it brought the truck along. The victim was pinned under the truck.
Employers know that construction work is hazardous.  They have the responsibility to ensure that employees receive all the training and equipment necessary to recognize hazards and safely do their job.

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