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Wearing Improper Shoes Could Cause You to Lose Control and Cause an Accident in Kansas City.

Operating a car while intoxicated, texting while driving, and driving while drowsy all increase the risk of a serious wreck. Chances are, the last thing you think about doing to prevent a serious injury accident in Kansas City is changing the shoes you are wearing.  However, insurance comparision company Confused.com is trying to prove that your choice of foot wear could impact the safety of your driving.

Through the popular social media website, Pinterest.com, Confused.com has been raising awareness in regards to the dangers of driving in heels of platforms.  The company is attempting to warn drivers about hazardous driving habits in a campaign to stop this unsafe driving behavior

Gareth Kloet at Confused.com advises that, "wearing inappropriate footwear could cause the driver to lose control of the car."  He goes on to reccommend, "keeping a pair of suitable shoes in the car to avoid any crashes."

 Choosing to drive in heels or platforms may seem like it would minimally impact the safety of your driving.  However, you want to be as safe as possible while driving to lessen the chance of a serious wreck.  While you can't control the actions of other drivers, you can control your own.

Distracted driving deaths are deaths that could have been prevented.  If you have lost a loved one to a distracted driver, contact Kansas City Accident Injury Attorneys at 888-348-2616.  Our accident injury lawyers in Kansas City offer a free consultation to families of distracted driving victims.  Learn about your rights and possible compensation.  
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