If it seems like there’s an accident in the winding on and off ramps at 71 and Red Bridge Road nearly every day, you’re right. This dangerous intersection perfectly shows the dangers of intersections crashes—when cars don’t reduced their speeds after they leave the highway, they can strike slower moving vehicles waiting at the light with incredible force.

Intersection Crashes Are Likely to Cause TBIs and Brain Damage

Intersections are particularly dangerous areas, as several lanes of traffic may cross, merge, or change direction in a short space. There are many ways drivers and passengers can suffer TBIs while waiting at a stoplight or making legal maneuvers, including:

T-bone accident 

T-bone, or side-impact car accidents, are one of the most deadly types of crashes at intersections. If a car strikes another vehicle on its side, the driver’s head will often slam sideways into the window or door frame—even if the car is equipped with side airbags, the damage to the head, neck, and skull can be irreparable.

Rear-end crash 

It is all too common for drivers who are looking at their phones or scanning for their exits to not notice that traffic has slowed ahead. These rear-end crashes are common at stop signs and red lights, and cause the driver and passengers in the car ahead to jerk their heads violently backward and then forward in the impact.


While drivers will check to see if an intersection is free of cars, they will often not look for pedestrians or bicycles in the crosswalk. Unfortunately, many unprotected victims rarely walk away from intersection accidents—suffering fatal trauma or lifelong injuries.

Multi-vehicle accident 

As traffic is often backed up at an intersection, there is a greater chance that a single collision will turn into a multi-vehicle pileup. Even if a driver attempts to avoid a collision by swerving out of the way of one vehicle, he may be struck by the vehicle behind him as a result of his sudden lane change. If traffic is slowing, this single accident can easily cause a chain-reaction crash.

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