Here’s a list of seven deadly drugs that are commonly prescribed, but if they aren’t taken properly these drugs can be deadly.  If you are taking one of these drugs, talk to your doctor or pharmacist about how you can use them safely.
1. Lortab – This pain reliever is a mixture of acetaminophen and hydrocodone.  It is sold under the brand names Anexsia, Dolorex Forte, Hycet, Liquicet, Lorcet, Lortab, Maxidone, Norco, Polygesic, Stagesic, Vicodin, Xodol, Zamicet, and Zydone. Lortab can cause heart palpitations.  In high enough doses, it can damage the heart.  This drug is especially dangerous when mixed with alcohol. This drug may not be safe for pregnant or breastfeeding women. 
2. Oxycodone – This pain reliever is sold under the brand names ETH-Oxydose, OxyContin, Oxyfast, OxyIR, Percolone, Roxicodone, and Roxicodone Intensol.  This drug is a highly addictive opiate.  They can also slow your heart and have hypnotic properties.  The pills should never be crushed, and one should not suddenly stop taking these pills.  These pills should not be taken by women who are pregnant or breast feeding as they pose a danger to the child.
3. Endocet – Endocet is a combination of oxycodone and acetaminophen. Brand names include Endocet, Magnacet, Percocet, Perloxx, Primalev, Roxicet and Tylox.  These drugs are also highly addictive.  When too much is taken, they cause the body to slow down.  They may interfere with breathing.  They should not be taken by a pregnant or breast feeding woman as they can cause addiction and difficulty breathing in infants.
4. ACE inhibitors such as Zestril, Caduet, Avapro, Prinivil, and others - These drugs are used to treat high blood pressure.  However, taking these medicines with allergy or cold medicine can cause the heart to race and lead to a heart attack.
5. Zocor – Zocor and other popular cholesterol medicines should not be taken with grapefruit or grapefruit juice.  Grapefruit causes your body to absorb too much of the statins in the medicine, and this can cause muscle damage.
6. Blood thinners – be careful.  If you take too many products with aspirin, it can cause internal bleeding.  Always let the pharmacist know what medications you are already taking.  And, call if you have questions before taking an over-the-counter drug - even something as simple as aspirin.
7. Adderall – Adderall is prescribed for ADD and hyperactivity.  In some patients, it can cause extreme highs and lows.  It is easily abused.  Patients should be watched for signs of depression.

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